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  • Merry Xmas!!!

    Wishing you and all of your family&friends to have the best new year~!
    Happy Birthday! 。:+.゜ヽ(*′ω`)ノ゙。:+.゜
    And the avatar.

    A wasteland sig huh? hm i must take some thoughts on wich background fonts i should use also i might use a zombie character on it.
    sorry for the late responce i wasn't around at the forum for some days

    i might find a nice render from that character because that small image isn't usable at all :)
    i mean the most time people send me over render that they want them to be made into signatures. I can make you signature with in my beliefs it might not be good to you! So that's why i ask them the render of the characters that the person wants to be used for the signature.

    So you have a specific render character you want to use?
    Shiki is a bit a bizare anime series i have seen it but it didn't blow me, as for the witch's house it's an horror game but i haven't touch it so i don't know anything about it.
    :hi: there! which Shiki you mean the ASF User? Or the Anime Series? For the Witch House i don't know man, sorry :(
    i haven't watched too much anime. i don't remember the names of the ones i have. you're better off asking nanashi about that
    i don't remember. i do remember that Little Busters! was the top of my recommendation list.

    now i'd recommend Majikoi and Majikoi S. the plot isn't too great admittedly, but the characters were so loveable, i was able to overlook it
    nah i haven't. i did meet up with a girl from high school i knew. hung out with her a lot for a couple years. kinda hard for me to be ok with being just friends with her. she got uncomfortable with it, and we're not talking right now. so there's that. honestly, i think i'm more comfortable with it this way too.

    haven't played too many VN's lately. the noteable ones i have since you were gone is Majikoi (S) and Shiny Days. you?
    no worries. no need to feel bad. if you need to take a hiatus because of real world stuff than that's more important than posting on a forum. i'm doing alright. i became assistant manager at my restaurant, so that's pretty good. what have you been up to?
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