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  • Well I didnt know they have such funny mechanism :XD: but playing it on PC is definitely better...

    What a devilish genius you are :puniko_evil:
    I'm still waiting for it to be released in nintendo switch :nyanmusu_cheer:

    Haven't played it but it has good reviews...Maybe samy can recreate contra 4 :goodtea: the game is fun :goodtea:
    Maybe the issue subdued because people were flushed by the announcement of 2 new characters :puniko_think:

    That's cool! So youre making undertale 2.0 :nekopara_tehee:
    Guys would definitely go for the lolis :gokiko_uwoh: well I heard of pedophile issue in genshin somehow...

    By any chance do you make otome games? :nyanmusu_sparkle:
    We had someone who always baked different kinds of bread for us and sometimes cooked noodles and stuff...just regular cantine food~
    I don't think our school would have trusted us enough to let us cook xD

    I would love some kitties over if it wasn't for my allergy >_<
    Oh...I never had really "bad" school food, of course they are not the best but I guess I was lucky that our school cantine was actually not bad~
    Eh? bbq sauce and noodle sauce doesn't sound that weird together think they don't work well together...
    I used to do that as a kid, like mixing nutella and butter together to eat it on bread.
    It was really weird at first but it tasted so good somehow xD
    Yep, it's quite an odd combination but it taste better than it sounds xD

    uni started again and was too busy...gonna try to finish the next part of the story soon >_<
    No worries, glad you're back, I am also busy. We can always talk through phone(whatsapp/twitter)if you don't mind lol. <3
    Hmm I don't really know which food would be good, since Berlin doesn't have a lot of their "own food" since here are a lot of immigrants and lots of different cultures are mixed in here.
    So you will find a lot of different dishes around the globe here~
    But if I were to say the standard food most tourist would try to eat, then it would be the "Currywurst", it's sausages with tomato sauce and curyy...quite simple fast food~
    If you would like to eat really good and authentic german food then it would be at the restaurant near the trainstation "Tiergarten".

    It's fine, I just improvise with the story on spot, it's the first time I've done this and I don't even know how it'll turn out so can't say much about it xD
    Yep~ art is after all something which allows the artist a lot of freedom, though I can't really say much about it since I don't really know much about art xD

    I agree, as long as it tastes good it's fine :3
    I read something similar as well, it talked about how one has to change their perspective to see certain things which includes art, some people might see certain things as art while some might never understand~

    Hmm, I guess? It's definitely one of the better chinese restaurants in Berlin but I wouldn't go as far as call it fancy xD
    Hmm that's true~ And in a way almost everything can be called as a way of art, just depends on how you look at it~

    We just celebrated it amongst my family, went to a restaurant and had a little feast :3
    I guess, new forms of art is apearing everywhere for every new kind of technology published that can be used for art~

    Yep, today is my birthday :D
    Thank you :akazukin_thanks:
    I wonder how art will evolve from now on, since technology is progressing at a rapid pace~
    Well, we are the new generation and as mean as it sounds, one day the old generation will die, so we are going to make our own future and digital media will replace the old way~
    Old painting will obviously still remain, I don't think it'll ever fade, but a lot of things are going to change~
    Let's hope so :3

    Hmm I don't know what kind of jobs are or aren't accepted in other countries, but in germany pretty much all jobs are accepted and have a good wage so that you can earn quite a lot on average~
    Could try, but most of the new members don't last even a week >_<

    Sounds quite interesting :3
    I might look it up a bit later to see more of it~
    Would be awesome if the forum gets revived, otherwise I end up spamming in this forum by myself xD

    What are you majoring? :o
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