Ghost Kitty~

Got lost in a cave while chasing a will o wisp. After finding the exit I promptly tripped on air and woke up on the roof of some strange high school. While I stood gazing around the school and wondering what had happened a girl with strange purple hair a green ribbon yelled "Hi" as she kicked me off the roof. I woke in the infirmary next to a quiet girl holding a small robotic dog. Noticing that i had woken, she walks off and motions for me to follow. I was led to a large door with a sign reading Principle's Office above it. The quiet girl quickly dragged me into the room as a large hammer smashed through the spot i had been standing moments before. In the room, a girl, which i recognized as the one that kicked me off the roof, was sitting on the principle's desk and said "Welcome to the Like Hell Im Dead Battlefront. "

Operation High Tension Syndrome
Afterlife Battlefront
The Class Ghost




~Do you have a wish?~

To the many friends that have come and gone...
We shall miss you..~ Do drop by if you find yourself nearby..~


Made by an odd neko~