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    Just trying to fit in is all. : )
    Nice to hear from you.
    Seen you around and I just wanted to say hi.


    I am sure you are mates with pink panther, that classy chap.
    Why of course I do...would've had it up'ed sooner but I think I accidentally cooked my bandwidth or something. After going strong it's been dropping to dial up speed for the last couple days :o_O:. Anyways, here you goes~
    Not going to post them to the site yet. I know Pink Pineapple will report them as soon as I post them up. :)
    On the 4th....that's right! What an awesome day for a birthday! Sorry I was late. Hope it was a good one this year! :)

    As for me....December 23rd. I used to hate that, being so close to Christmas, but now....I like it, being around a joyous holiday season.....your's is the same as well....but with a BANG!, eh?
    Hey, Nightpanther......forgive my addled mind but shouldn't you have a Birthday around this time? Happy Birthday! (Hope I'm not late....or TOO early).
    Hmmm...that looks like Taimanin Asagi 3. I think it's the only one where Asuka, Ingrid and the other Asagi girls are in the same game. It shooould be already on here I think.
    Ooooo...a hentai to JAV adaptation? It looks like it'll be good. Reminds me of the JAV adaptation of Taimanin Asagi and La Blue Girl. And nice find! :eek: I can always use more Juliet *slurps*...and lol...upcoming The Last of Us hentai flash...I was playing the game and was wondering when some rule34 would show up. There's probably some now but I just don't want to look...but I admit, it doesn't mean I don't want :D

    Edit: Got those Asagi raws up for ya to get to the bottom of the Sisters Ultra Edition dilemma later on.
    Errrrrm...well I downloaded multiple rips of Sister Ultra Edition and the only thing I see that's different is a new BJ scene with Chika and...different color text boxes? :o_O:. Not joking. I'm going upload the Sisters original video rips, that scene and Asagi raws to the forum later. Should be done before tommorow.
    Hmm...what did I do to deserve that honor ;p? I think I spoke too early I have those raws. I feel your pain though. There's a couple things out there I can't find...but even the hardest things, I've found somewhere down the line so I'm reluctant to buy anything. I'll UL them for you if you want.

    I see you're looking to shame me early :P. I only have the Raw & Subbed version of the original Sisters game, sorry. I'm going to DL the game later and see if I can do a video rip of it. That thing is huuuge though O.o
    No problem! :) It's what I'm here for. And I actually just recently got my hands on Asagi Vol. 1-3 Raw. But I can't find the 4th...maybe I'm not so good at finding stuff as I thought :zombie:

    Btw..if you need any other H-Movies, feel free to ask. I probably have it...if not then shame on me and I'll have to immediately add it to my collection xD.
    Ello' there Mr. Panther, I have a present just for you :D. The coveted raws of Hell Knight Ingrid and Kangoku Senkan! Luckily I keep the raws around when sub groups do their releases in .mp4. Now if only I could find those Asagi raws...
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