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  • Hey man,

    Yes you are right, it took place on the 4th but thank you so much for that.

    When is your own?
    Yo, Nekomonogatari: Kuro was indeed awesome, it does make you want MORE MORE MORE of that series, still want Kizumonogatari from them still, they promised it would be done lasat year, clearly not.

    In terms of how I have been so far, I have been doing good, only gotten to watch the first episode or 2 of Sakurosou no Pet na Kanojo, haven't had that much time to watch much anime lately, been jamming lots of games and been spending more time with my family.

    Have heard nothing from any of the AK Alumni members since the middle of December; how about you?
    Yo don't know if you heard but there was a new Monogatari series that aired a while back called Nekomonogatari: Kuro. its freaking awesome dude!!!
    My image host, Firegoon, updated their sight and most of my posted pics are now useless! AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH.....Stupid move, Firegoon! You were so reliable..... Oh well, here's another cat girl, maybe I'll try and fix some links later...Click here to enlarge
    For 3D porn? I'm afraid no. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't post a pic of your favourite female singer in the LPW whilst chatting with the others, provided you do it reasonably (no nude, no excessive images, etc).

    That said, we don't control what messages members send over PM or VM. It'd be great to at least have spoilers in your VM for NSFW pictures, though.
    No I just feel stupid posting my own amv's....and yeah i will be posting it on soon>><<
    I may be popping over to stay in Michigan University so i'll be where you feed the ducks! Also I hate long journeys as well but it's gna be only twice, leaving UK and returning to UK, I plan on traveling by land around Asia when i get there and visit countries in certain order. You should plan a trip out, while i'm there and we could like meet first time near our holy land that way lol...As for our mission for starters I was thinking we post stuff we'd like to carry on from AK or just post as normal if we wana talk with out lot only, for the time being then slowly grow our alliance over the year :P
    No Problems I will do a tutorial for you^^ I am doing this for 4 years so sorry if my tutorial will be a bit to pro>><
    It only lists unread threads - since the response was your own, it obviously wouldn't be listed.
    Troy even on here? Dam shows that you should of instantly joined the forums from when you found AK huh? I may be paying a yr length visit to the US of A possibly next yr or the yr after not so sure. I've also started planning a Gap year thing after graduation touring asia with the exception of aussieville as well. Probably right in starting a group actually I'll get on that now then.
    Talk mwoar!!! :) Ahh man if you were in london we totally could of hooked up! i'm only a 20min train ride from city centre! When was it that you went? IF you ever do come to ENGLAND! then hit me up i'd be well up to show you round and take you out to greater london areas, ooo ooo LEGO LAND! we can go to the land of LEGOS! :P

    Yeah it'd never hurt to check but i'll definitely let you know so no worries. We'll still have everyones details so we can e-mail, twitter, facebook the news, it'll be a bigger return rivival the jebus himself! :P
    Haha apparently not as much as you are atm :P Ahh yes the TImer, pushing Ortix's buttons we made an agreement to work on the site and revive it hopefully in time for its 4th birthday, so that's the lil suprise so don't forget us in the coming year K? :P

    There's a thread explaining points somewhere you should be able to find it and as for your animu needs follow this thread as I know you heart your DDL
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