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    hi mato my princess long time no see , I see that you haven't been active anymore but if you ever take a sneak peek at this forum maybe check your VM read this message ^^ it would be great to chat with you again doesn't have to be on this forum if you'd like, but it would be great to have a friendly chat anywhere , I'm your friend and knight Ralium. missed you^^

    And how have you been?? , I hope you're alright~
    Happy new year, Mato-chan!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Well it exact, you've some times to me said that you ASF not like, but I've too asked from you at that time: On which another forum are you, where I you visited had...
    Thanks for your question^^... Well with me is fine so far...

    ...And with you, I've you really missed:deadsad:?
    Hello Mato-chan!

    I've from Neko a message get, he wanted, that I his report to you (for the whole VN-dev. team) send:
    Even though I'm not here for a while someone sent their greetings to me (*tears*). Thanks Mato!
    it's not new year now right?
    Oh, well the sw (school work), good that this times already on me over are....

    Take a break, then Mato-chan...

    ...And really? So think you about the anime-year 2012/2013?
    How I already said have, but if you want the long version, well okay...~

    Not really lot change otherwise on me: Work, watch anime, play VN's and etc. ...

    And on you...~?
    Yeah, Ryuushin = Ryuu (in on-yomi read art) Dragon + Shin (the same in on-yomi) God.
    ...And she/he shall bigger (about 45-60 cm long)...~

    :hi:, and sorry, but I must go, then :bye: ))) G'night and today noon around perhaps...~!
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