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  • Oh hi again. ..Thanks for thinking of me, that was.. very pleasent. I've been ...pretty good actually. :]
    Been away a bit, fiddling around with different stuff and thoughts, got a new phone as well and fiddled some with that, a galaxy s4. And already ppl insist on filling it up with lewd messages^ (not that I actually mind that that much anyways ><)
    That an d I've actually started watching some anime again ever so slightly...you might find this fact funny but, I stopped watching anime a while back, partially because I stubbornly wanted to learn Japanese before I continued...yupp you heard it right. Well I'm not exactly there yet, but I sneak peeked a little anyway~ ^&^ Even found a little time for some mainstream pc gaming. And spent some time with some dear "ol" friend. Something that I'm glad for, was good for my emotions to detach a bit from other things, like we need that rewind every now and then, like those old grandfather clocks.

    I don't believe a thing the Netherlands say~
    How can you not be sensitive to at least Music and let it touch your soul when it can ....yanno O.o reach so deep. Makes me look at your heart and ask, is everything okey in there ?
    jazz is rly not my cup of tea either. Sounds chaotic to me too, and a bit cold. And the Jass ppl give me the impression that...well no offence to them, I hope. That they are just so spaced out, or something. Not sure how to describe that. But at least subjectively not me.
    I like..wait, no I love Trance, because it speaks to me, in my soul. Kitte kudasai: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVkADBbgGIg
    I just hope you got some proper sound system to listen to.
    Genki sleeping......so sweetly awhhhh :sleepmoon: > AHH! My ears~ :deadsad: I'm certainly out of bed now, just don't use that big club/hammer as well!

    heheh ...maybe ~ huehuehue :fulfilled: (in a way I guess, but not really at the same time ><) Oh your welcome, what else were I to do, it's nice to meet nice people. Plus Christmas is coming ! :redface:

    I see, does those two have their jokes about each others as well..like we make fun of British accent while asking if "you want a cup of tea~" lol

    I see, it really is all very similar. Naturligvis is Norwegian like me, and I know it's "natürlich" in German. Yeah I think german, dutch, swedish, danish and norwegian are very similiar, they obviously share a common language root. (thats actually not latin afaik)

    So you do eh, I would love to as well, if I had some skill, maybe I can still write some poems though. I think my "route" goes with music and poetry then. But then again I painted a lot when I was a kid hmmm. I just painted "casts"....what are they called again, these white casts~?
    Sorry to hear you lost those materials, hope they wheren't too special or too expensive. What gives ?

    Don't forget the croissant to go with that..Just in case you do star in a movie~ You like Jazz ? I wonder what such a movie might be about.

    Thanks, dw ?

    ouu, I'm sad I might never really haven gotten the chance to taste it at all, even made unright :1
    No problem, Thanks for flattering me in the first place and shocking me out of bed
    I only took revenge ! :3

    p.s. sry for belated reply, I do that more often then not at times.
    Haha, it doesnt have the best special effects but it is very...hmm how should i put it.....charming!
    The doctor is really funny at least the 10th doctor... the doctor reincarnates every time he dies as another person xD
    and there's lot of scifi and a bit horror.
    it is not scary in the usual way I think. what's scary are some ideas how the future looks and somethin like that~
    I like it very much, but there are episodes that are not so good^^
    haii... i can understanddd if you really like it.. if i were you i will choose it too.. itss so adorableee.. :runhappy:

    sooo misu is from sakurahana right..??? hows the situations in theree..?? lively like here..?? XD
    Hiiii~ :hi: Thanks for the invite/add. I always can't help to find it flattering when someone does that.

    You already seem like a soft and caring person with a gentle breeze projecting. And it's hard to get that impression this fast...I think* Maybe your Airy avatar helps ^ Or my mind or heart just picks up on things. Hope you make good friends here that the same in kind then.
    You speak Portuguese as well ? I'm just now reminded I know ppl in both Brazil, Netherlands and Portugal. And I can almost understand dutch ! Except I don't.....but I could almost believe so, since it's very similar to my own language. Grammatically and with tone at least I suppose just with some words replaced naturally. Short test: can you read this> Ja, Nei, naturligvis. ?
    Your an artist ? your picture seemed like one you would pick for some reason. Not sure How I would know that, since I don't but. I'm already imagining a painter out in the open fresh air with a French beret in dark maroon or crimson color. Oh well -shrugs- :P It already shows when I'm imagining like that I need to get some sleep soon. You also remind me I need to lighten up my own picture >< Too heavy atm.

    By then for now Miso Misu~ <Either way your warm and drinkable.
    Sorry misu, but nope―I sent you my email address if you need it for some reason, though
    Ohh, I see. No problem, no problem. Sure is a small world, isn't it? I did notice you posting, but I didn't pay much attention at first since I've seen a lot of people having "misu" in their nicknames on the Internet (Misu, Misuzu, Misuzu-chan, etc). Though, after you added me, I saw some of your posts and thought it was too much a coincidence (Brazil, designer, etc).

    Soooooooo, long time no see! It's been a while~ And I didn't know you were an admin at Animea (not that I was ever a member there, but I was acquainted with some people from there, such as eXalpha if you know her?). Actually, I didn't know you were a staff, or even active, at any other site, lol.

    And thus begins the all-too-common greeting... how's life been treating you, misu? (-sama? lol)
    I avoided jumping to conclusion since "misu" isn't exactly an uncommon username, but yes, I suspected you were the same misu from Sakurahana (I thought you recognised me when you sent me that friend request). Are you?
    Say, have we met before (within the online space), and are you whom I think you are? ^^
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