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  • Okay~Okay~ Akira... Dies ist nun mal der Natur des Neugiers...:goodtea:

    Edit: Und hast du ein Öffnungszeit: Wann zu dir wenden kann...^_^?
    Hmm... Hello and willkommen Akira^_^!

    Und es freut mich, dass dir mein Siggy gefählt - und ich werd natürlich sagen von wo es ist: Die Chara ist Sento Isuzu von Amagi Brilliant Park LN & Anime (Du solltest es schauen!)...:goodtea:
    What megane? You mean the emoticons? Add an emoticon and click more~ you can see all emoticons I've added...~
    Yup, its drawn by E-Musu Aki. He's one of my favorite artist and probably one of top artist in Ero-manga. Very tasty ^_^

    [E-musu Aki] Yawahada Otome<------might be this one if your looking for the girls from my sig
    Oh, So you don't know who the doctor is or something?
    I saw that an actress from the office is also playing on that show so I think that's a plus for me to watch it ahaha =3
    Ill give it a try, thank you for the info ^^
    Everybody talks about Doctor Who to me, what is it about anyway XD I know there is travelling in a phone cabin involved. I haven't gotten a change to take a better look at it. Didn't catch my attention that much. Also, someone told me its scary? lmao
    Yes I have seen the DLC, where you can get that, but I haven't played the DLC yet, even though I have already bought it ;)
    This is how you mention someone, fist put this @, then the persons name AkiraUmi, and last you need this comma ; So all together it will look like this @AkiraUmi ;
    Welcome to anime-sharing! You'll find lots of spam games to help waste time and tons of stuff in the downloads section be it music, visual novels, hentai etc. they have it. Hope to see you around and have fun :hi:
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