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  • Happy new year, tabemono3!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Haha, I just meant the 3rd slot in my fairy camp was a clefable.
    Hmm, I will see to it. Just restarted my game not too long ago.
    Hi, added you already. Would be restarting my game extremely soon, so if you would like my 3rd pokemon in FS (clefable), then please be online soon.
    Only one stone per game, meaning you gotta trade stone with stone or you are losing out. ofc, unless you are planning to restart the game.
    yea, and I am done playing with some of this mega and wanting to play with mega from the other game too. So just in case later you want a mega Houndoom or Heracross or Aggron, I want to trade with some of the X mega stone
    It is coded into the stone so Charizard with CharY Stone will turn into CharizardY even if in Pokemon X, it is just there is no way to get CharY Stone in Pokemon X. There are also other stone like Mega Pinsir, Manectric and Tyranitar Stone only can be found in Pokemon X, while Mega Heracross, Houndoom, and Aggron can only be found in Pokemon Y.
    You are playing pokemon X? I actually playing pokemon Y but want to play with some of them Mega pokemon in X. If later you have any mega pokemon Y that you want, we can trade the stone. Thx
    well i though i did friend you when i first joined, guess I haven't..... but not anymore now xD
    Hello there~

    Hope it is alright to be friends.

    Have fun on ASF in the spam section if you feel like it. :3

    Here is a little sweet treat~

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