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  • I have crappy internet and it works decent more of the time. I could co op with my brother (so both on the same connection) and there would be lag, but it was usually not too bad.
    I'm just glad they finally fixed the problem with menus taking like half a minute to load... it was terrible XD
    Ash lake is really cool. Even though it is kind of a pain to get to with not much there (unless you're into dragon scales).
    Seath's tail is a bit of a pain to get, especially on later NG+s. The easiest way that works for me is to get him to break his own crystal with a beam, which stuns him for a few seconds so you can run around and hit him a few times.

    That's kinda impressive. It actually took me a few /playthroughs/ before I randomly stumbled across ash lake and was amazed. The double-tier illusory wall was a little over the top, I think. XD
    I know some people were finding it pretty hard, but I also played DS a pretty ridiculous amount :P
    Well I still played enough that I could probably help you out. Or if you get it on PC we could probably co op a bit.

    Also if you've played Des/DS a lot, then you might be like me and find the game really easy. Most of the bosses I killed in one try, and the ones that killed me the most were because of gimmicks (like insta-kill lava pits, or the floor is on fire for some reason). It isn't a completely /bad/ game, but it is kind of a mess, and I found it got boring.
    I'm sure I will. But Dark Souls sucked me right in for a long time. I got bored of DS2 pretty fast. It was just a bad sequel. I'm kinda hoping that if I wait for a bunch more patches to come out it will be more fun again once I come back to it :)
    It is a decent bit longer than Dark Souls if you played it normally.

    As a side note I've also never beaten it because I found it really boring. :/
    『Well, there are always next games xD I'll tell you when next game is starting~』
    『The game starts in few hours from now... You better make an account, post an application, get skype and add Seadrias there now if you wanna play season 4.5 with us...』
    『If you just had skype I would have quickly explained it there :/ Anyway, next game starts on Wednesday, so hurry up~』
    『The controls are movement using the forum and actions using the skype so you can't really do it with just forum though...』
    『No real need to make? You can use any character you want... For example, look here, almost not a single original character...』
    『There is another forum where they are very frequently doing MGs like ours and in realtime and with more active players and most importantly, WITH SKYPE! Thus, I want to get you to join us (me, Satori, Samye, Sin and even Fear and Hinode) so get skype first of all! Me, Satori and Samye joined 2 of those games and they were pretty fun~』
    『I have something very fun you can do if only you get a skype~ So do that at last and add me (madsova)』
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