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  • Had to send it in for repairs, will get in back in 1-2 weeks :/ I may or may not still be in Pokemon GO mode when I get it back lol.

    I can upgrade in November so just gonna stick with my LG G3 until then. Probably going back to a HTC phone though.
    Actually I later learned that is was someone who attacked a hospital for the mentally disabled. Didn't know that at the time, just heard about a knife attack outside Tokyo.

    Also, my phone broke so my Poke hunting is currently on hold :/
    I think it was something about McDonald's wanting to officially sponsor Pokemon GO or something, so was delayed 1 day while they worked something out.

    I'll probably pick it up for Console, just bought Bloodbourne.

    Also, heard there was a knife attack in Japan. Hope everyone in your group was unharmed.
    Indeed it is. Also, I heard it was delayed again in Japan because of something to do with McDonald's? Not sure though.

    You should give it a try, fun way to meet new people too. Do you do a lot of walking around in Japan?

    Also, are you gonna wait till you get back home to play DS3?
    Honestly I never really played Pokemon either, I could only name a handful before I started GO, but it's still fun nevertheless. Went to a big Pokemon GO meet up today at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Just a bunch of GO players getting together to meet new people, have fun, and catch Pokemon together. Pokemon GO shall bring world peace!
    Too bad, well hopefully you can see one before you leave.

    Been okay, been playing a lot of Pokemon GO on my free time. Walking all over the place trying to find new Pokemon, it's actually pretty fun. That and busy with work, not much else going on.
    The castles and temples sound very interesting, that's what I would like to see most if I was there. Have fun.
    Well hope you have a good time, sound fun. Anything special you have planned to do there?
    Sounds like you are having a good time. Have you been to Osaka yet, or will this be your first time?

    Are you learning any Japanese?
    Well I made the set I am using right now.
    and I made a vocaloids one today.

    was doing real people for a bit. then stopped.
    I am okay. I've been pumping out the GFX work like clockwork these days.
    But it's fun and allows me to be creative, which is what I like about it most.
    Besides that, probs just a lazy day for me.
    Have not heard from you in a bit friend?
    How is everything?
    Very nice pics man! Wish to go one day as well. Is it warm there? I believe this time of the year is very humid in Japan.

    Is that you in some of the pics? The guy with the backpack?

    Is that just a bunch of trash in that cave?
    OMG that's funny in some way XD

    Just noticed your birthday by coincidence, hope you don't mind my simple birthday wish :P
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