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  • Merry Xmas!!!

    Wishing you and all of your family&friends to have the best new year~!
    I found that game too difficult... x___x
    I don't like my video games overly challenging. : x
    Is your location "based" off starcraft and the protoss? lol
    That's true. I guess common sense plays a large part in writing, even at your youngest.
    Ah. Well we all are novices when we first start up anyways.
    I am sure it was fine, for what it was.

    Being of that age, we tend to let important things slide.
    That'd be interesting, to say the least.
    Yeah.... Sometimes you just need to save yourself the embarrassment lol
    It was about human emotions and the lightning strike was the catalyst.
    Sometimes the poems about my personal journeys or other people.

    I seem to make them in a unique way.
    But the tides turn sometimes.

    I had to reconstruct all my old poems because I hated how they were written =w=
    I just noticed, you forgot to say if you liked the poem I gave you or not? .____.
    I want to play it at my funeral. Be so GOOD!
    I need to add them to my itunes, now that I mentioned them. bbs.
    Yeah the lyrics for the songs and inside art etc.

    I have this funeral doom metal band called... yep. Funeral.
    from Norway. It's done scandinavian style with clean vocals and no growls etc.

    They are known as the most depressing band in the world. No joke!
    It must of been a cv then. I get the two confused. : /
    Yeah and that.

    At one point in time I wanted to pen song lyrics for an extreme metal band.
    It didn't really get the attention I was hoping for.

    It was going to be an all girl funeral doom metal band. : )

    Oh I see.

    A chef is hard work, but rewarding if you know your craft.
    His resume and what he had worked in jobs over the years.
    Yeah hire people and write poems on specific topics
    and frame them once they are done and gloss up a little.

    I was thinking we had our own unique tee shirts and business wear too.
    The logo is going to be a death's head hawk moth.
    I am hoping to run my own poetry business from home once I have a stable enough income.
    I want to work more than one job.

    One job isn't enough these days.

    My dad's job list on his resume was like 10 pages. : o
    Something I wrote a few years back.
    I have this collection of poems I want to publish one day, but no such luck.
    Maybe I'd be wrong and it might be good lol

    I wish they only made good games and not duds.
    I am okay. A game I pre-ordered got crap reviews and yeah.
    Now I feel bummed about buying it lol
    Hey, how are you doing today buddy?
    It's more on like customer service, security, dressing appropriately etc.
    Like fashion stores, I'd want to work in.
    I am taking a retail course certificate 3.
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