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  • General ed :/ Basically math and science and whatnot... Some schools have other names for it but anyhow its just making sure you at least know the basics of stuff ;p
    Hmm... that sort of sounds like what im doing with a certain class... xD It wont ruin anything but no fun to fail...
    Hmm.... that seems to happen to me... maybe its something about my mind thinking that i did good when i do crappy and decently when i think i did horrible @_@ Lol so many exams... hmm finals?
    No official studies here so I'm good :goodtea:

    No problem, thats what some of my genki is for. And yeah I agree, but I already noticed that anime itself doesn't seem to take the highest seat around here already. I often get the twitch to talk about what I've watched myself, just sharing it with someone basically. But in most cases I might even be just too lazy to do so anyway. The more twisted, intricate, complicated or just epic the anime is the more it should be discussed debated....kinda almost like a school study group lol IK, just an example.
    No worries, you won't be the only one being preoccupied, I am already as well regarding the future.

    Just take care, and keep an open heart for what might come your way in your life.
    I sound like a collectible... Cool, Then I'll be number 4 proudly.

    I will post that something I mentioned today... :)

    I wonder what timezone you live in, so I know the best time to hand it out.
    Hey there...I got you something....But not sure how to give it too you yet...

    And mind if I be your 4th friend ?
    Hello there~

    Hope it is alright to be friends~

    Let's have fun and enjoy ourselves.

    Please have something sweet!~

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