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    -Locale News Station-
    A local boy has caused a flood by weeping continuously to an icon of a person weeping continuously, damages reports about 2 casualties and many have gone missing.
    This is Jeff Lost his Virginity and your watching Virgins United News Station.
    ok, i am lazy and irresponsible, so i will just throw the baton at you anyways~ go make a thread!
    The exercises and reading on my own makes it quite a bit simpler~ Also seems that researching on the laptop helps =w=
    Hmm im just not absorbing the material @_@ I walk out of class with little sticking... Might be the fact that its a class and something about that disagreeing with meh =w= Or maybe that im just really confused about everything when in class... I need to learn vocab and fast ><
    Lol ill need the flashcards for the vocab =w= And grammar has been a pain for quite a while... cant really do much about that... trying to reread stuff but my mind seems to turn into a block at those times @_@
    Ehh its second edition atm xD
    Lol i meant an anki deck xD Need to do the work for it though =w= Mehs... to remember all the random stuff xD
    Lol two... Im just confused about everything almost xD mehs theres so much to learn x.x Dont think ill be taking another japanese class until i read the textbook a couple times...
    Hmm.... if i learn how to write them maybe... =w= Ahh well ill need to shove random words and stuff in it xD
    Thanx man ;) I will be going later to check out something to go for vacations for some days... we will be back at 5 September :)

    But tomorrow we must fly to Greece to be there for the celebration that is at 15 August... ;)
    No she is with me we made a political marriage before we move out :) i have company if i was lonely i will get mad :D :lol:
    Yeah my wife now told me is psychological and she told with just one pill in one month these thinks will gone and it's cause by the stress that i am having leaving alone and the many hours i am spending in frond of my computer cause if i am not in front of the PC and being out of the house i am perfectly fine... So Yeah i am trying to spend more time outside but in front of the PC...
    Well i have to do more road bike than mountain :( i know that it's very sad i don't know anyone here... O well it's pity now that i make a full CNC - Carbon fibre mountain bike :( I can't sleep well either and many times my head i feel it some kind heavy... When i was in Greece i always feel nice but now i don't know why... maybe psychology?
    Well nice but i have liked more the weather in Greece anyway i can't have everything in my life so i will get used to it... i Miss the hills and the small mountains around my city were i went with my bicycle :( and the beach :(
    Yo :) yeap the move is complete and yes the Signature is Otonashi Saya and avatar is Kisaragi Saya and cause of the move i thought that a new set must be done i made first if you see at my signatures one with Tsubasa Hanekawa but i wasn't so much satisfy so i made something with more blood like my old love Saeko :D Well Seattle is nice i am free Until 5-8 September and maybe we will travel a little bit ;)
    Didn't want to spam a no-spam thread. ;)

    Sooo... how do people do things on this site? :evillaugh:
    Hi....... Namidaaa Otokooooo...... ahahaha... Thanks forAdding Me... Yoroshikuu... can i infect you with pppokemon virus..??? :bigeyes:
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