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  • Ahh... thats true... =w= But maybe theyre hoping that the class would teach about anatomy and stuff along the way xD One of the current teachers shoves anatomy terms at us every so often xD Well all i know is that its one particular dance class so its not completely random... Technically i already took two dance classes in high school but im fairly sure those dont count ;p Anyhow its a pe credit so ill just take it for that =w= Not like itll add up to much unless someone already took their two pe classes...
    Hmm... well i sort of learn by doing =w= Or at least i do poses while people arent around to figure out where stuff are supposed to go xD Guess im just not rich enough to hire dancers ;p Actually... too cheap to even if i could ;p But theres just tons of little things which could be done fairly simply just my mimicking the pose of the characters~

    For some reason it sounds interesting and yet not... xD
    Hmm... do you actually theorize about numbers and stuff? o.o

    The pe courses are part of the general ed... guess thats money related too =w= But they only take up one credit so not too bad?
    Well i would say it does something to know the body a bit better =w= Or if anyone wanted to animate someone dancing then itll be perfect? ;p But yeah i guess it is somewhat questionable... I believe the class focuses on body movement though? Not sure...~
    Lol what? xD Hmm... for dance they said it was so people can learn body motions and stuff? Though people need to take two pe classes so a dance class isnt really that bad =w=

    Hmm... theory logic and proofs... is it really tedious long equations and stuff? @_@
    Hmm... math... some random advanced stuff? xD

    For animation... the two requirements i can think of are physics and dance xD Not really requirements but they strongly suggest for people to take those =w=
    Lol math isnt really a major requirement... as far as i can tell english is the only big requirement... i took a math class (needed classes and went for it randomly) which was for elementary school teachers... =w= And yet some of them had trouble with it... :dead: How are they going to teach others... @_@ Anyhow it was just a really easy class about number systems xD English is a two part class with a test at the end to take more advanced classes...~
    Hmm found out something i think is one of the main reasons for all the odd general education requirements =w= Money... as usual... :goodtea: Students taking a class of x department = x department gets more funding~ Of course the state gets poorer in a way doesnt it?..~ Since it gives students more classes they need to take...~
    What's up Final? How is school going? I feel like hanging myself I have to much homework!
    Yeah, there are other problems with the update a lot of people are complaining about, so it's best to wait until they release a more stable update.
    I fixed the font issue the windows 8 update caused, still working on the video problem
    Hey final, do you have windows 8? I just updated my windows 8 with that big 4 gig update, and now half my videos won't play, and the ones that will have no sound? Any idea what might be causing that?
    pyreee..... good Afternoon From here...

    i wonder whats the number of episode that in your sig. i want watch it again....
    yoroshiku ne
    Cool, everyone in the U.S. usually takes long vacations on Thanksgiving, and the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday with all the crazy sales. People go insane over here during those sales.
    I know it's in November here, I meant do you celebrate it the same way with turkey, ham, Thanksgiving Day parade things like that. Boxing Day sounds kind of like Black Friday here in the U.S.
    Is Thanksgiving in Canada the same as in the U.S.? It's the biggest holiday in the U.S. after Christmas.
    Doing alright, got most of my work done so hopefully I'll have a free weekend for once.
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