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  • Hellooooo There.....Just Passing By....

    Would Like To Give FPyre A Pleasant Birthday • Wishing The Best Of Luck For FPyre.......

    Could But Can't Deny To Give You A FRequest!! Feel Free To Accept it!! :)))))
    hey pyre in that chat page could u leave? my pm is capped and would be easy for me and maddie to talk
    I guess guys are usually better at Math anyway. I fall under the generalization that girls are better at Literature & language-based studies. English has always been my forte :3
    Haha, I love that feeling of relief after exams. I usually go super-study-frenzy before and study way too much. >_<;
    At least my grades are good because of this. Except Math. Math doesn't "count". LOL.....
    Wow, that's rough...
    Please excuse me if I laugh a bit at your suffering :P
    Are you not on summer break right now? Shouldn't have to study too much during holiday xP
    Just getting my coffee on & giving you a shoutback. :P
    Who is that in your avatar? o.o
    Hmm... yeah i really shouldve asked for some other random way to contact her xD Shes not on skype or steam... xD
    Im not sure if they would complain or not... hmm they havent before xD Its mostly for fun anyhow ;p But we would need another thread for it if we want to do a poll... since only ojou sama can make a poll on that thread...
    Hmm i would say shes busy with something or another xD She did already take a couple month absence so i expect her to just pop in at some point xD But do you want to end it like this? Blahs i really shouldve asked for some way to contact when she came back =w=
    Lol the fun facts didnt have anything to do with class at times x3 And some were stuff that the teacher said not to quote him on ;p

    Points on a curve... hmm ok xD
    Hmm... the teacher had random fun facts ;p And i usually doodled in class... pretty sure the teacher was aware of that xD

    Derivatives... hmm probably something more advanced than what im thinking... xD

    Hmm... computers with different bases... well not like i would really know much about that xD
    Hmm animation is trying to break free ;p But its a somewhat normal uni atm :goodtea: Usually ani would be in... media or something? Im not sure but it doesnt count as fine art anymore :/

    Lol so you were lucky there? xD Hmm... math... i took something about number systems? Teacher never did get to that project where we examine some number system from another culture :/ But learned random stuff which i doubt i would use ;p The thing about bases was interesting enough though :goodtea: How computers are on a base two system which is why theres all those 0s and 1s aka yes and no xD Didnt know that before... but im sort of lacking in knowledge when it comes to computers anyway xD
    Lol math was simple ;p I may not have done well in high school cuz i slept and thus didnt know the formulas but math is still darn simple xD I was probably the one with the highest... or one of the highest anyway... grade in the class xD The other students... or at least the ones who spoke up... seemed a bit... lost 24/7 x.x Lol im poking fine arts atm but ill probably try for animation ;p
    Hmm well the english has two parts but yeah ;p Math you only need one... they have a whole list of classes required @_@
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