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  • hi. thx 4 uploadin Vampire Knight. I did made a request 4 this quite some time ago. If possible pls upload all vol s that u hv. TQ.
    At 5am and scream for 20 minutes? :XD:
    hahaha I would have already gone insane, if I would have been woken up that early everyday :D
    I destroy at English >: ). In my experience females are just as good at math as the guys, but I was also at a small school, and didn't pay attention to other people in university. :)
    Depends on the day. Sometimes because there are no worthy opponents, others because I was intensely studying for a myriad of exams.
    Just now I remembered my friends cat. He is always running a lot and runs on the wall XD
    that's why the the wall got many scratches~ But it's funny to look ate the cat running on the wall :XD:
    I'm not sure, but must be from some drama. You can envision it to be me sitting at my computer.
    I like fluffy animals. If I see a fluffy cat I want to hug it but after that I will feel like shit :/
    It can't be helped that u have to give him away but it really is a shame that u can't keep him
    Sooooo cuuute :lovestruck:
    It's such a shame that I am allergic to cats :(
    and the cat....are u giving him/her to ur friends or acquaintance? or to a pet shop?
    I think they are working on it when they release their homepage. But they are not working now. Yes that was confusing for me at first but I am used to it now :d
    I am active from time to time =) I use to go to hentaipalm as well but it is currently down. How is it confusing?
    I don't know,I was never there in the japanese learning thread:/
    and yep half chinese,half german and half cat^^
    There are some who can speak japanese and there are some who can speak a bit like me ;)
    there are also treads for learning japanese^^
    I don't like guys who says that girls can't play games
    and yep we are superior :D
    We should really make a group for girls :XD:
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