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  • I'm on Y. Trading away my current legendaries + items and some others to my bro's game. Will be looking for free pokemons cause I have yet to even start breeding.
    I'm on pokemon X version -------7 badges into the game---- trying to finish it in a day or two----then safari and breed....also I don't know if trading mega stone will help on certain mega evolution. Pokemon with two form and form based on their corresponded version wont help on trading mega stones. If you trade me yours say....Y mega stone for charizard.....I will get Y mega stone but still mega into X form....unless GameFreaks add Y codec to the stone(and vise versa for X stone)........then it might be possible.
    Sorry, I misunderstood. How about this I trade you the Krabby now and also a Vivillion with Friend Guard. Then when you can sometime breed it and hatch the egg and then trade it to me? Don't care about its stats just want one from your region with Friend Guard.
    aquaa... how you can gett 5 iv..? i have 2 iv from safari... and i breed that pair with destiny knot ?? to get 3iv ?
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