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  • Yo! I added you on my 3DS.
    I ditch my FC here so you can add me if you want to :3

    2895 - 7473 - 8967
    ow thx for @name; thingy and...oh, I dont think I have added you in Friend Safari right? May I know your FC? mine is 5172-1011-5433
    LOL, not yet, I haven't made it that far yet, I'm only at the 6th gym. I'm going to catch one once I get to that area.
    /me casually stalks Yuki

    Hello there~

    Hope it is all right to be friends~

    <--- Love the profile picture

    Also, if you do not mind, please check out the events that are going on. You may join or check them out. It's all for fun and everyone will be happy if you just stopped by to say "Hello" even if you don't join.

    Thank-you for your time and I hope we can be good friends~ :3

    Mafia Game Sign-Up Sheet

    RP Guardian Sign-Up Sheet

    Family Tree Contest - Open for Entries

    RPG & Photoshop Contest - Voting Now Open

    Please have some dessert.

    Lmao... really.??? i though you gone and dissapear and never come back.... ahahaha....

    glad you coming here again... :P
    oiiiiiiiii.......... where do you goo.??? i though you not gonna back again.... and when pokemonn realeased you appear... ^___^
    ahaha.. really..?? mm yea... im saving money too... even its hard someime. my desire for spending money is very hard.. T__T
    Added.... and We will talk about 3ds more in the future.. ahahha.. hows your life.?? still schooll..?? play game too..??

    Ahh, chocolate is nice too! Sweets are always nice~ :blushhappy:

    Ahahaa, i just make it simple. Can't edit the pic like you do~
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