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  • Good to know you're still here, yeah ask for the games and I'll see if I have them, you know that if I have them I'll upload them, as for the "Roll" games it would be good if you can upload them :).
    Hi, it's been a while, sorry for not answering until now, college got me really busy and barely had time to do anything besides college stuff, I'm trying to catch up on the new games and news so if you're still around here let me know :).
    It's been like hell with the school all this month, guess I'll upload them starting the next month, mostly because we'll be having 5 holidays the next week which means I'll have plenty of time to do it; sorry it's taking so long :(.
    Hey, deepest apologies for the extremely late reply. As you've probably already seen, 黒髪少女隊 was one of the ones that were posted right before I left and I managed to snatch up CROSS FIRE by sheer luck. Now for the other one...I have that too, will be done soon.
    All right, then I'll make sure to have them uploaded before January 1st, I mean the other 2 ones :).
    Hey there, I haven't forgot about your request. Here's one if you still need it.

    [080328][ロール] まじかる☆プリンス

    I have the first two also. Will post them up soon. If I randomly disappear, I'm probably just busy again =/. Just come to my site and it'll be there for you.
    Do you mean you can trade after 1:00 p.m. in my time?
    If so, I wait your mail. Thank you.
    I can trade on this afternoon at my place, but I don't know where you live, then I don't know time difference between us.
    I'm in Japan and it's 3:30 a.m. now.
    And I send you PM that written my e-mail address. Please send me a mail because I can't browse any website when I use wi-fi. I should go Mcdonald's if I want to use wi-fi. I don't care you use a free address(for example, yahoo or google).
    About the pair of games you requested, sorry for not saying anything until now, school turned harsh since 3 weeks ago, and I barely had time to do something else besides study, this is going to continue for a couple of weeks more, so I'll be uploading them little by little, I'll make sure to have both games uploaded before Christmas :).
    I see. I start preparing it.
    I don't persist in what pokemon you give me except Fletchling, Honedge, Kangaskhan, Goomy, and Pumpkaboo. I arleady have them whose 5IV is maxed.
    As I said, I have 6IV maxed Dittos. Thus what it is meaningful for me is that you give me a pokemon and I can use it in battle itself. I want a pokemon that don't take your time so much, but I'm glad that if the pokemon has many egg moves because I can use it on many ways in battles.
    Except that I wrote above, it is okay you decide what pokemon give me, including his/her nature.
    Hi blurb.
    willing to? Do you mean you want to get Smeargle who can use attack celebration? It's okay. I can give you such Smeargle though I should prepare it from now. To tell the truth, I didn't receive that Eevee in pokemoncenter yet because I'm trying to get Eevee who has good status. But if you want to such Smeargle, it's okay. I don't persist in getting such Eevee so much.
    I want a pokemon who can be used for battle(not for making eggs) if it is not hard for you. I guess you can get a such pokemon easily because I guess you already have 5IV maxed pokemons.
    No, I can't get such Inkay because I live in Kyoto now. There is a long distance between Tokyo and Kyoto though both are in Japan.
    And I checked the information about Eevee. I have that Eevee but I won't trade it.
    But, my Vivillon is 5 IVs maxed. I guess it is rare for you even though it is purple one. Isn't it? Japanese insects are very strong.
    Slow down friend.
    Shield Dust Vivillon <-> PoisonTouch Muk DEAL!

    Ok Next:
    aquaspirit39 random pokemon <-> blurb12 FriendGuard Vivillon
    aquaspirit39 breed the Vivillon
    aquaspirit39 FriendGuard Vivillon <-> blurb12 Krabby
    DEAL or NO DEAL?
    ummm...haha, I am really tired trying to understand what is going on. errr...let do this one by one:
    Shield Dust Vivillon <-> PoisonTouch Muk
    DEAL or NO DEAL?
    QUOTE [How about this I will just give you the Krabby for a second Vivillon with Shield Dust this time?]

    Sigh...blurb12 my man, please understand what I am trying to say...the Vivillon that I am offering right now already got Shield Dust.
    So Shield Dust Vivillon <-> PoisonTouch Muk
    I have added you too.

    However I have a bad news. I run through 30 Spritzee in my Safari and I can't find Aroma Veil one. I dont think I will be able to get it for you.
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