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  • No, I can't. I don't have the safali Vivillon appears, and don't have the hidden ability Vivillon.
    And I guess you already have miyabi Vivillon because there are many such Vivillon on GTS. Don't you?
    I'm glad to hear that.
    Great. Congratulation. You are a lucky star! It's not a irony. But I already have all nature 6 IVs Dittos in my white2 so I just want to enjoy pokemon together. For example, trading some pokemons(I'm not persist in individual values). It is very meaningful for me to even just get pokemon from another person.
    My Vivillon is miyabi(only in Japan).
    Hello blurb.
    I can't trade soon. The reason is what I wrote in pokemon thread. soryy. Do you hurry to trade?
    All right, just give me a week or so, this weekend I'll be going out of city so it will make difficult to upload these days.
    Here's the list, it contents almost everything, I need to fill my newest HDD in order to list it's content, that's why some games may not appear in this one, don't worry I almost have it full already :D, so I will be listing them before not too long, I've decided to do it like this because I can keep a better order, maybe by Sunday I'll have those ones listed already, anyway the promised at last:


    Ah yeah, almost forgot, some games are listed twice because I downloaded them twice 'cause I wasn't sure if I already had got them, though they are very few (around 15-20).
    Tomorrow at last, the list is going to be finished!, couldn't finish it on weekend because today I had an exam of Ordinary Differential Equations so I had to study all weekend thus the list wasn't ended, anyway I'll publish it by tomorrow afternoon :).
    The password for the files is:


    I've decided to put a password to prevent that my files get so easily deleted, if there's any problem with the links or the files just leave me a message :).
    Here you go ("仰せのままに★ご主人様!"):


    About the list, it'll be ready for this weekend, and the other games from "METEOR", I only have the one I've told you, I'll be uploading again in about two weeks because I have other petitions pending and my upload speed is pitiful, sorry for make you wait; meanwhile enjoy this one :).
    The first one, don't remember if I have it, maybe yes, but the second one you can bet I have it! :), on the other hand, school has begun to get pretty uptight right now, because of this, the list is going slow, but at least is going, and about the last game "仰せのままに★ご主人様!" I haven't started to upload it, again because of school, but this weekend for sure I'm going to begin with all the retarded schedule, so be a little patience please :).
    Thanks, I'll try to finish it up as fast as I can, it's been a while since I told about that list, it's time to finish it before it gets bigger :).
    Sorry to answer until now, I've been out of combat (in several ways) these past days (sick, without electric and internet service, etc., etc.)... But I'm back and I'll try to upload that one as fast as I can, and about the list, I have only the first half, I can give it to you the first half and then the second one or you can wait for the list to be completed :).
    Glad to hear that, and sorry for not being of help.

    About your second request I have "仰せのままに★ご主人様!" (http://vndb.org/v2832)
    I can't find the other one, but I'll search for it, seems interesting, when I get it I'll let you know, but if you were to get it before me, think you can share it? :)

    One more thing, which server would you like me to upload the game?
    Unfortunately I don't have it (yet) ("朝凪のアクアノーツ"), but I found a place to download it from, the links are from Uploaded.to, I can download it and then upload to another server or I can give you the link so you download it from there, is up to you :).
    Two answers for your questions :) :

    1.- I'm doing again my list because one of my little brothers deleted all my info when I changed laptop, so I'm still recovering from that, though I'm planing to have the list done around the next Friday or Saturday.

    2.- It's a shame for me to not have any of those games, and more because "School Festa" was one I longed to have since I was aware of the existence of "eroge" (about 3 years ago :D). I have to thank you for remembering me about that producer, and I'm going to search for those games right now, If i get something I'll let you know :).
    No problem, I happy to chat with others once in awhile. Yeah, it's a great VN for pass sometime of your time and of course Fairy Tail it's awesome, I really cry when I heard about the confirmation of the back of the Anime, because really I have a gap in my heart for no see fairy Tail all the fridays nights, hahahahaha. When you need some recomendation or only a partner to talk of whatever Otaku stuff, I'm here, so, happy playing!!
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