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  • Windows 8...is kinda Meh =/ I still prefer 7 over 8. Haven't checked Win10 yet though :0 How's it?

    You'd certainly make my day if you did ^^
    Haha I see. I still haven't upgraded my PC to WIN10 yet. I don't feel like it x3 I finally got used to 8 so..I'll keep it for the time being. Although the notification about Win10 is getting annoying as I get it every day :sigh:
    Glad to see you on the forum again though :fulfilled:

    As for myself, I'm alright. Nothing really special going on :3 Work as going as usual and dropping by ASF from time to time.
    Visit me more here please x3
    Hmm..sorry but..not even close xD

    "I don't know if you will be able to understand it but good luck!" "Didn't do much today, a nice day of doing nothing and doing nothing tomorrow"

    So I failed again and I posted on my own profile..>_>

    Well, got something right so I'm happy xD

    Haha Ok, here goes :3

    Ik weet niet of het je gaat lukken maar doe je best! Niet zo veel gedaan vandaag, lekker een dagje helemaal niks doen en morgen ook niet
    Happened to me too. I laughed at myself too xD

    Hmm.. "We can test that. How was your day? "I seriously have no idea but something about having slept form 10:30 to 22:00" "Also, no idea"
    Whoa, I'm so bad at this xD

    /me crashes into wall
    I'm a horrible person, I love watching other fail on ice xD (or failing at whatever in general!)
    I doubt that too, might be fun to try once though!

    I wouldn't consider myself popular though >_> Just like spamming and I can't ignore a VM if they took the effort to visit my profile to leave a message so I gotta reply. And that goes back and fort I guess :3

    You're still going on about that! How can you expect me not to reply! *tackles Ayu*
    Hmm..cold weather..dun like it so much D: But I do like snow and winter in general, just not the temperatures :runhappy:
    Wow..almost the same in dutch language!: Koudbloedig / Warmbloedig. Words seem pretty similar :3

    Ah I see. Well..the temperature varies between 20 to 50 degrees celcius. But's around 30-35 on average. If you can handle that you should be fine :3
    Ugh..that sounds..kinda painful too. Glad I don't get those. Having a dark skin really helps against the sun xD

    Also, sorry for the late reply. I kinda forgot and the other VMs spammed your message to another page making it even worse D:
    Haha, you're more than welcome to join me :3 If you don't mind being cramped into a suitcase for 8 hours I think I can even manage to smuggle you with me for free!
    One thing, how are you with hot temperatures seeing as you're from up north? :3

    Cool! *throws desk chair out of Window* I'm on my way~! :runhappy:
    Glad to see you still stop by the forums every now and then :bigeyes:

    With my family ^^ I'm going back to my motherland, Suriname. A small country in South America. (Fun fact: It used to be a colony of the the I"m in living in right now, The Netherlands :3)
    I'll be there for a month nothing absolutely nothing besides eating, sleeping and relaxing xD

    Well that's certainly good to hear ^^ You have to give stuff like that just the time. It'll be a memory of the past. You have to look towards the future anyway~
    Probably said it many times before but no thanks needed, my pleasure and glad I could help in whichever way I did :3

    Ah, that sounds nice! There's a word for it. Volunteer :3 Sounds great though, games and internet! A win-win situation indeed. I've volunteered at places a few times as well. It's fun and if it's really helping people I don't really mind not getting paid. Their gratitude is a payment in itself I guess :3

    Next time I break a chair, I'll fly by and make you fix it :evillaugh:
    Yea..Been a while, I know D:
    I know I said I'll be on skype a more often but..I can't seem to uphold that promise. It kind off..died out for me.
    No one I know uses it. Only a select few of ASF come around time to time.

    I'm fine, nothing much going on lately. Little bit of saving for my holiday this July but other than that, same old :3

    What about you?
    Hiya Ayu~

    I'm flattered :3
    Great to hear that. See? Photoshop ain't that bad if you take your time and mess around with it.
    Youtube videos help a lot as well ofcourse. Just search for the thing you wanna do, there's almost always of video of it available. (Which I've done countless time :P)
    As for the backgrounds I don't mind sharing my 'secret' xD
    I use different so-called fractale's and stack them to create different effects.
    (google image it, you'll find some ^^)

    Oh..about the signature, you can put mine in the spoiler tag ^^
    Be proud and present your own work! I really don't mind.
    So yea, no bother at ALL. Keep on doing it! =D
    But still, thanks for your message, really kind of you~
    You're very welcome~

    Actually, I was pretty much done yesterday xD
    Making your sig went soo well. Everything I tried immediately fell into place!
    But I had to check the details and stuff before I could present it to you :3

    Glad you like it ^^
    You do this:
    1. Save the image (obviously :3)
    2. Upload the image with an image host (like tinypic/imageshack)
    3. Copy the Forum image code (the one with the [img\] tags)
    4. Go to Settings and then Edit Signature
    5. Paste the image code

    Here's what I managed with the Sakuya image!

    Hope you like it.
    If there's anything you want changed/added/different, let me know.
    I'll try to get it to your liking ^^
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