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  • Hmm... yeah i guess theres a lot of copy paste games :/ But some rare ones are fairly original~

    I dont know either =w= But i guess the other generic one would be b/w stripes xD

    Well depends what you define as lazy ;p Some stuff are semi useful =w=

    Hmm... beautiful? Not sure about that =w= Its kinda normal to me xD But i guess we have plants and stuff =w= Can be pretty~

    Lol it was really a couple of changes xD I know theres stuff i would change atm but... lazy =w=
    :lol: It does have my oft-used tea drinking pose though, which was why I chose it.

    As for the remakes, I've not touched them yet, sorry. Quite a lot of stuff went on, and I've also diverted some of my game and VN time to anime and manga recently. Purchasing Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm didn't help things either. :wasclose: I have time coming up this holiday after my finals on the 25th so I'll look into it in earnest then...which reminds me that I should be studying. :vulture:

    I've also heard something to that effect about the remake through Kotaku, though I can't quite remember the details.
    Flash games are fun ;p All depends on the creator really =w=

    Hmm did they have orange back then? :/ I guess they might have =w=

    Ehh its more of the government budget thats causing problems :/

    Well theres the opposing reasons of lazy and busy =w= Either one works ;p
    Hmm well i just game the other half of the time =w= Which might be a reason i dropped... might not~

    Autumn... ehh there isnt much in terms of seasons here =w= Being in city and a place where it isnt really obvious or at least not in the same way as the generic four xD

    Hmm... going nuts with school sorta... =w= I finally learned the difficulty of animation/illustration... sorta ;p But theyre not letting me in the department so i have to go with something else :/

    Im just too lazy to change ;p
    Thanks for your visitor message, I don't know which fashion style were popping out of your past, although you maybe could find the style that you remembered in the past. If you can't find the fashion style I can help you.
    I'll take a look into the Dolphin emulator you mentioned, which would then make finding a ROM of Zero/Remake the next task. Thanks!
    I've played RE2 back in the day when I had no idea how to get beyond the first 30 minutes of the game and just ended up spamming machine gun rounds at the same zombies over and over. Eventually I got good enough to be able to pass through it with no problems. RE3 I played so much that I managed to play through with only two saves (one, once) and that only because I had to stop, and picked up the unlimited rocket launcher at the end. Nemesis was never a problem after that.

    I skipped RE4 because I'm a pure PC gamer and I don't recall it being on PC at the time, while I pirated RE5 but never replayed it as much as RE2-3. Sometimes I wished I could try Zero, but that's the GC exclusive if I recall correctly. That leaves only the original RE as the one I haven't touched (I played a bit of Codename Veronica using a PS2 emulator), though I followed jokes like "Jill sandwich" through Youtube.

    I think that the reason for your feeling is that it doesn't feel like horror anymore. I certainly remember playing RE3 with a friend and getting panicky every time Nemesis appeared, lol. These days, I'm just 'damn, how do I kill this bastard'. More determination, less horror. The closest was the final battle in Revelations where I had no herbs, running out of ammo, and the screen was so red and black while the boss was hitting for tons of damage. I thought "gotta reload" but hung around and miraculously won. The relief. :XD:
    Hello,I'mCanaan.Nice to meet you.

    My English Very Poor.But I want your friend.
    Read Message thank you!
    I have Steam, but there are some games I feel are just better off without DRM, such as Don't Starve and FTL. GOG's new Galaxy may someday help Steam and GOG users play together, but it may take time.

    I thought you were a pretty regular player, so pardon the unnecessary spam. I'm fine with the SP part since trying to synchronize multiple players so that they are available together at the same time to play is rather annoying. I'm actually more of a preserver; I once reloaded Don't Starve simply because a Giant did so much damage to the environment that I felt it was rather bad. Of course, that doesn't stop me from happily chopping down trees when I need to! :laughpanda:

    I'm also playing Artificial Academy 2 at this time. Probably have to tune it down though since both AA2 and DS are taking so much of my time that I haven't been touching any manga, anime, VNs or games in a long time. :sigh: At least I managed to finish Resident Evil Revelations, although I haven't started RE6.
    You said you prefer to be near pigs for defense, but I prefer stationing my base closer to Beefaloes for their manure. Shaving off their wool every full moon (when I don't have the Miner's Hat or fuel for it) gives me more fuel for fires and keeps the ice flinging machines on around the clock during the summer. Glommer's Goop is useful as well for the same reasons. I mainly recruit the pigs for battles against spider nests (my favorite enemy) but I usually get chased off each time a Queen spawns; at one time two spawned within seconds of each was a massacre! My favorite defense right now are the Hounds inhabiting the bone dens in the desert; my current base is close to both Beefaloes and the dens, with a pig village a few minutes' walk away. I once led a Queen to them and a couple of Hounds tore her into shreds with minimal casualties.
    I visited the Klei forums recently (username Proctor) and downloaded mods like Relaxed Crafting, RPG HUD 55, Minimap HUD, Always on Status and the Where's My Beefalo/Giants combo (I avoid stuff like the Summons mod, Fish Farm and easy mode tweaks). It's been much more fun since then together with less Giants, and I've even delved into the Ruins, although I frankly saw nothing worth the trouble (all the Thulecite items are pointless to me due to their limited uses and the rarity of Thulecite in general, not to mention all the damn shadows chasing me). I dropped my Day 161 game recently because I somehow picked up a Rock Lobster (trust me, I never fed the thing, too busy avoiding shadows and earthquakes) who followed me up to the surface and started spawning. I read about the bug and how it amazingly hasn't been fixed in months so I decided to throw it out (hearing that entering a new world uses the same settings was bad too since I hated the frog rains). My latest try saw me comfortably having all the stuff to survive the seasons by Day 38 so I guess I got the hang of it now, except for boss fights: the first time I slew a Spider Queen with a Tentacle Spike, Football Helmet and Log Suit, I cheered! I've always run away from them before.
    Moved this to your page since I really don't want to derail nanashi's thread.

    I'm not in the Steam group since I don't own the Steam version; mine is from GOG. As for the game itself I found it incredibly hard at first; the first time I tried I died less than a few days after starting, while in another attempt I got killed, respawned at the Touchstone in the middle of winter and barely made it back to camp with 2 HP...without any healing items and low on food. Gave up after that. My later games were better but I still felt like I was only a few steps from total disaster, which honestly exhausted me. I hated having to worry that my stockpile of food would rot, prompting me to hurriedly turn everything into jerky or cooked food all the time (I didn't know where to find gears for the Ice Box). I also hated that I felt obliged to race with the clock since there was no way to pause the game and take stock of what materials are needed, etc. It was simply back to base for campfire, out the next day for resources.
    Jazzy? Yeah maybe some House influence but it's finest D'n'B AFAIK, just listening to it when it's summer. Gives the special chill
    Couldn't sleep good, woke up because a bad dream and I had suddenly a melody in my ears. I can't fit it to any song properly, so I've done a trip into my archive. Then I found some awesome stuff I've heard a long while ago and I just had the urge to share it with you, I said that I write you some time.

    Don't know if they fit into your listening behaviour. (maybe the most heard one in my youth of all the following tracks...) (The original is missing the Quicksilver's classical flavour...) (The voice sometimes gets annoying...) (I've met her one time some years ago...) (Yeah, French guys making history. Like Daft Punk, the French DJ's sometimes got the things pretty straight)

    When I compare the age of the uploads with the age of the tracks, with the views and the high quality of the sounds, I'm kinda feeling bad for all the artists. Pretty much the most of the tracks are produced from Germans!? Well, this is just a coincidence.

    Hear them if you want or not, when you send me to an island with only 3 things, one would be my portable music player with these tracks and Pink Floyd^ :cheering:
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