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  • Happy B'day Neko, I wish a nice time with your beloved ones in your special day, and have further many successfully and healthy years ahead!!!
    Um...My blog was down for no reason so I sent email to fc2, they say their system shut it down accidentally and they re-open it :)

    Even if they shut it down completely, I still can make new one because I am doing export data regularly *kuku*
    I see... I'm glad that with you all okay is, we're missing you very Neko - ASF feels without your presence here a bit more emptier as usual...xD

    And, thanks, I give my best some good topics to post/announce for my best friends here...:goodtea:
    Yey, an my ears are really unique...:runhappy:

    Anyway, hello Neko, has meen a while, what's up lately?:goodtea:
    Well, happy B'day my good friend Neko, I wish for you a nice time in your special day today: Enjoy it with your beloved family/friends, with a lot cakes, and of course with gifts as well!!!
    Yey, welcome Neko - it been a while again...:runhappy:

    Edit: Well, I guess that in summer appear will TLRD s2...:goodtea:
    yaay I finished my sig :runhappy: after working for 5 min and having 23 hours and 55 min break for two weeks

    btw you haven't been active I haven't seen your name in the list of latest posts since two years ago :dontleave:
    I learned from this one Sig-tutorial
    lol:hapjudge: wanna know whats funny , I got banned for a while in bakarender website for trying to log a lot of times but failed
    thank you boss neko your opinion is much appreciated I'll do as you say , hmm I think in all the sigs I lost the resolution of the render , any ideas??
    hiiii nekoooo where have you been "glomps neko" haven't seen since ages , I missed you dude
    hi, just realize it's 1 month ^^.
    Well the reason that i don't reply you last time because i can't find H2O~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ in my HDD. I have to ask my brother and my friend if someone keep a copy because it seems all sources on internet are dead.
    Luckily, one of my friend keep ^^ but he doesn't live nearby so it took time for him to send to me. He sent me 2 versions:
    Makura.060623.H2O Footprints in the Sand
    Makura.090731.H2O Root after and another Complete story Edition
    Then i just took a look and realize that it has the same character design with Ebiten and Seitokai no ichizon lv2 ( well, i have to remember Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi is from Maruka...). It's my favorite sensei ^^. So i decide to collect all Maruka's game :D.
    That's the story in last month. Now i have full ( missing the original: , but this one is ok, i guess: ).
    I need some days to check and make package for its then upload. So it's time to let you know cause 1 month has passed.
    I'll ping you when i post on AS :). Hope you will enjoy. :D
    :gotidea: Wearing nothing but the pillows in our hands ..? In a room covered with soft duvets and pillows everywhere
    ..Oki, what I won't do to keep a neko happy in the heat of the summer xD ...
    Well, lol... Sorry Neko, but Mushi-shi zoku isn't on my list... - but I'm sure that this sure nice is...^^

    ...And what on/at oppais going... Well, because I'm lolicon-type - no immature lover....:goodtea:~>

    But what do you think about Gokukoku no Brynhildr? - Because that's also a supernatural/action anime... For me is it awesome - especially Neko-chan there^^!
    Welcome and g'morning on your side^^!

    ...And, so...? Actually, the series is still ongoing - The anime'll right now interesting(^^), and Kisara-chan is really hot...!!!!

    And no, it're not from the same artist... - But currently I've no clue...>_>
    Very nice taste... Well, No game no life belongs also in my Top-Animes (it're about 10 titles!) - From NGNL is me Jibril-chan the favorite: She's so funny and damn hot...

    Hey, do you watching also Black Bullet; Dragonar; and Darkness? - Because they're awesome!:goodtea:
    I'll just leave myself to fate then and maybe find out one day :D Is that a knife...I'm not a balloon you know hihi.

    Until I may see you around laters :} Pat* Pat*
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