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  • Hi Jez, I'm back~ Been addicted to dota2 recently, I dunno why...

    Jez-senpai is way more cuter than me, awwww :fullblush:

    But I have to admit that the stress is somehow killing me, affecting my health problem. Luckily everything has returned to normal. =)
    All distractions I care are food! Hehehe :innocent:
    It's okay, I'll treat them all like brothers!!! Boys are easier to communicate with and they don't think much of backstabbing etc like girls in my uni (It's a sad truth)

    Sure dear, I'll disturb drop by once in awhile~ Take care.
    I really appreciated it Jez. Finally one more person to witness my aging~XD :mini_love:

    Yes and it ended well, at least that's what I thought. Already got the grades and I managed to obtain good grades (I supposed they are). Currently on my 2-month-semester break.

    Well I do have made friends, mostly females, males are just too shy to hang out with the girls. But, some of them are should I describe..."thoughtful" since I realized they have intentions of their own by getting close to everyone around them. =(

    Glad to hear that, Jez. Sure, we'll keep in touch anytime. :nekopara_hug:
    Thank you Jez-senpai!!! It's really haertwarming to receive wishes from you!

    It's okay since everyone here has his/her own life to handle with, and I assume that for you too Jez <3 /me enjoys strawberry cake :akazukin_yahoo:
    How are you? Hope you're doing perfectly fine, love dawn-chan!
    I removed it from the list, thank you for re-uploading^^
    When is your trip to Korea? I know in October, but at the end of the month?
    I'm great.

    Hmm those reappearances must be permanently dealt with :fag:

    well I am checking the site less and less everyday it won't be long until I just stop checking.

    Hope you're doing great Jezebel it must be tough working and studying. Making time for fun and relaxing is a must.
    Well it's a start I suppose, at least he listens when treats are involved. Hope it goes well on Thursday also.

    Yep, I heard it was delayed. I'm still not 100% sure if I will pre-order. Didn't like XIII, XIII-2, or Lightning Returns. Looking forward to FF XII HD though.

    No Mans Sky is getting really bad reviews so might wait until later to get it :(

    As for me, everything is okay. Just busy with work and stuff going on with my family. How are you? Getting used to your new position?

    Might have to take my brother to the airport again as he may be deployed to Louisiana to help with all the flooding even though it's out of his region. Usually he stays in the Midwest, like places such as Flint, Michigan to help with the water issues they were having, but that's close enough that he just uses a government issued car to drive.
    He was probably just excited to make new friends and was trying to talk to them lol.

    Hope your homework with training him goes well.
    Not yet, but plan to get it sometime soon.

    Thanks I'm sure those will come in handy.
    Hey Jezebel How are you?

    So you became a Moderator D:

    for otome section?

    How are your studys?

    sorry for suddenly disappearing and never replying to you for a long time...
    Well you have been on my friends list for a few years now I believe, so wouldn't just delete you for no reason. Plus I enjoy chatting with you too.

    Sounds like a good trip overall. When I flew to Texas I only had about 30 minutes to reach my connecting flight so I had to get off one plane, and literally run across the airport to the next plane :/ I took a train back though which was nice. Bought the ticket that gives me my own private room so I just played SMT IV a lot and enjoyed the scenery. No wifi connection so couldn't get online but was still fun.

    Sounds like you are moving up the ladder! It's always a great feeling to see how much your hard work has paid off. I'm happy for you. Would you like to work at the cooperate HQ eventually?

    Guilty Gear is fun, but it's more geared towards advanced players. A lot of moves/buttons to memorize, and even on easy mode that AI will throw you in the air and have a combo fest.

    Odin Sphere was great, again it's more or a button masher type game, but I really enjoyed it.

    I went last weekend to the Poke meet up at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Was fun but the heat/humidity made us cut it short. Met some new people though and we wanted to get together again today since the weather is much more favorable. However I had to send in my phone to LG to have it repaired and it's not back yet, and since I saved their numbers on my phone I had no way of contacting them. Just showed up real quick at the meeting point we arranged and told them about it so they didn't think I was just ignoring them or something. Should receive my phone back next Tuesday.

    Have to drive my brother to the Airport tomorrow, something to do with his work at FEMA. They always have him traveling all over the country.
    sorry about that. Got the same questions from a couple other people too.

    Did you already go to your meeting in LA? How'd it go? Hope it all goes well, though I'm sure it will and everyone there will be impressed with you too. Good luck on this new stage of your life.

    BTW, not sure how familiar you are with the Guilty Gear fighting game franchise, but one of my favorite characters, Dizzy, was finally released as free DLC so gonna pick up the game soon. Anyway, isn't the squirrel at the end the cutest?
    I clear out my friends list from time to time of people I don't really talk to. Only this time I messed up and deleted people I didn't mean to on accident :/ you, unown, nanashi and a few others were deleted by accident. Sorry.
    Yep, I've been hearing about things like that as well, and your'e right, it's their own fault if they get hurt, not Nintendo's, or Pokemon's. People have to be responsible for their own actions.

    Just got back from one of those Pokemon meetups. There was a meetup today at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Was on Facebook I heard about it and everyone was commenting if they would be going or not. Anyway, ended up going, mostly just to meet new people, make new friends and all that, but also for the 50 Pokestops the Garden has, and to catch new Pokemon. Got a few rare ones today. Had to cut it a bit short however, with the humidity the temperature got up to 95 degrees, while that might not seem like a lot to you since you live in Cali, for us Illinois people that's too much, we like the cold not the heat. Almost everyone left early, but was able to swap phone numbers with some people so could meet up again next weekend, won't be a official Pokemon meetup, but a few of us are gonna go next weekend again when the weather should be a lot better. I can take below zero temperatures, but in the 90's? Nope. Would rather deal with the cold, then the heat any day.

    Nice that you can still work from home, and congrats again with the new position! Keep moving up and become CEO!

    :EDIT: Also, one thing I like about the PS4 is making videos. Finally finished Odin Sphere, so made this one, it's a small part of the true ending.
    yeah it looks interesting, I'll let you know how it is.

    That's good you can still work from home, and won't have to move, I'm sure you will do a great job.

    It's really fun, and good exercise too. Been walking around all over the place trying to find Pokemon lol. Going to walk along Lake Michigan this weekend to find water Pokemon, only a few bus stops away.

    Just make sure not to catch trees if you play while driving :/
    I usually just order online from Best Buy, as you said their games are limited in-store, but online is much better.

    Still haven't pre-ordered FF XV, still not sure if I will be getting it or not. I'm more interested in World of Final Fantasy honestly. I will pre-order Last Guardian though. I do have No Man's Sky pre-ordered, can't wait for it.

    Also congrats since it sounds like you got the job! I'm sure you will do a fine job in your new position. I know you work from home, but with the new position will you still be able to work from home? My brother that works for FEMA works in a Cubicle and he hates it, he works from home on Wednesdays, but is trying to get more days that he can work from home.

    BTW, did you download Pokemon GO? Surprisingly it's quite fun, use it on my walks to find Pokemon around the neighborhood. Funny how many people I see playing it here, from small kids to teens to married couples all out trying to catch them all lol. Fun way to get exercise, and meet new people at Pokestops too.
    Thanks! it's good, but I got tired of it fast, like I always do when I visit lol. They even have coconut ice cream and snow cone flavors :hypnotized:

    ooh nice! Ordered mine too! Can't wait for it. BTW, not sure if you ever shop at Best Buy in-store or online, but they have a membership called Gamers Club Unlocked, it's $30 for 2 years, but you get 20% off every new game you buy (any game that's not used) including special/limited editions. The P5 Special Edition dropped from $89.99 to $71.99 because I am a member, also with the Odin Sphere Story Book Edition, my price dropped from $79.99 to $63.99. $60 PS4 games end up calling $48, and and $40 3DS/Vita games cost $32, so for me it's worth it since I shop there a lot. I know Amazon started with something similar to compete with Best Buy, but that's only for pre-orders, at Best Buy it's any new game, doesn't matter if it's a pre-order or already released.

    Cool, was just talking to her today, our conversation went from PVC figures, to the show Breaking Bad lol, not sure how that happened. I see you sometimes on Steam, but you always have the "Busy" status, so I don't want to bother you.

    Yep, back to normal, will try and post pics soon of my trip.
    Back now yay! Had fun, been a while since I've been back to PR. Had a bit of a coconut overload though since almost all Puerto Rican sweets are coconut based.

    Well, my brother and his wife have known each other since they were about 8, and they were exactly the same back then, so they knew what they were getting into when they married lol. They are that couple that really love each other, but are ALWAYS arguing.

    Were you able to get in contact with Langesha?
    Thanks for accepting it :lapi_happy: For some reason, I kept thinking I had added you as a friend the first time we talked. Was surprised when I realised I hadn't :donow:

    Everything's been good and relaxing :) Hope everything is going well for you too! :fulfilled:
    In my last VM I said "not a huge basketball anymore" but meant "not a huge basketball fan anymore" lol, just don't feel the game is the same as it once was. My oldest brother is a very sore loser as well, he broke my PlayStation because he couldn't beat me in Street Fighter ._. bought me a new one though. His wife is the same way which causes some very bad arguments sometimes. My niece is the same way too, but my nephew is the complete opposite of them though.

    Yep, same thing happened to hers as well, she collects PVC's like I do so we talk about that sometimes, and games coming out etc.. She is alright, currently looking for work in the gaming industry. She recently got a NEW 3DS as well. I'll let you know you would like to contact her on Steam.

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