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  • Hello and welcome to my circle - I hope that we a nice time have will, and thank you for your trust in me that you give...!!!:goodtea:

    Edit: Happy Xmas for you and your family/friends also - Have a peaceful and nice time^_^!!!
    Hmm :megane_hmm: I know a lot more about that then you may otherwise think about me~ Unless I'm just reading too much into it...

    Are you feeling the "skrews" of life ?
    So black here...hmm that can be really nice though. I'll drop by and see more of you later :J
    Hi hi Mali-Mali~

    Hmm... you sound kind of suspicious looking at me like that.

    Maa, I trust you. :goodtea:

    The character I admire most overall is Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED. She is not only pretty, but assertive in her mindset to promote peace with her euphoric songs. She is gentle with a slight mischievous side. Tanaka Rie, her seiyuu, really did a stupendous job to bring the character to life.

    How about you? Which character from an anime/manga/VN/LN do you favor?

    I'm happy you're frequenting the LPW. It's great to see new faces. >///<

    See you soon. I might use Skype a bit more since I joined Sam's Mafia Game. Guess you can look forward to some Skype chats. Haha~
    Please rest well.

    I don't mind your emotional outbursts.

    If it makes you feel better, then please, feel free to come to me. I'll listen and support you.

    By letting it all out, you can focus more.

    PM me if you want it more private.

    Bye-bye~ Take care~
    Hmm... for now, you are here on this open community.

    /me tosses aside Mali-Mali's work and grabs his finger to poke Sam

    Once you log out, after you have refreshed, you may continue your critical analysis.

    Start a war!... or poke more people.
    It's good to be critical with yourself, but if you don't step back a bit and breathe, the cloud of doubt will always hang over you.

    Once in awhile, it's better to leave those 'mistakes' alone. Perhaps, it may enhance something else later on like your work or your character.

    You don't need to take my words to heart. I'm just being my worrisome self.

    I like the simple customization of your profile page as well.
    I'm truly sorry if I made you feel any slight dejection.

    It's fine actually since we'll eventually see the message if we visit the other's VM wall. No big deal.

    And no need to call yourself a noob. We're all friends, learning from one another.

    Just be yourself and enjoy the good times. Laugh and be merry~
    Glad to be friends with you on Skype as well.

    Also, Malicent dear, please respond on my VM wall if you'd like me to see your reply properly.

    And yes, various forms of contact can be an asset.
    Don't worry too much about the promotion. It's not anything big per se. I usually go around the entire forum and recommend to people to check out a certain person's work. It's actually no trouble at all~

    But I won't do it unless you feel comfortable.

    So have lots of fun and improve your your craft~ I think it's great that you desire to improve. I'll pray you'll get better and do well.

    Thank you for the Skype invite. Even though I have a Skype account, I rarely use it. I'll add you, but just a bit of warning, I probably wouldn't go on it much. Sorry~

    My Skype is: kosanum
    Hello again~

    Yes, I saw your entry. It is very stunning. You have good technique and allow the sig speak for itself.

    I also saw you opened a thread. I'll check out your work later and comment. I'm glad you got some feedback already~

    I am big promoter! So, if you want me promote your work by suggesting that people come visit your thread or VM/PM you, I shall do so.

    If not, that is also fine. Just a suggestion~

    It's alright that you don't join. You can still chat once in awhile there if you like.

    See you when I see you. Take care as always~
    Hello there~

    I sent a friend request. Hope we can be good friends. ^^

    I'm sure you have already noted we have an SOTM in case you want to display your sigs and try your hands at the trophy. Pinky (Pinkylicious) doesn't bite. You can ask her if you have any questions. :3

    Also, if you have the time, to check out the following contest. ASF First Video Contest

    It's a contest to produce a video with just about any content you want. You can even do a slideshow or collab with other people.

    You don't need to join if you don't want to. It's a contest made for a good time. xD

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Please take care~
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