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  • I know! I've been playing so much Fortnite lately, I can hardly invest any interest in anything else xD

    But i'll get it for sure. Still wanna play Mario Odyssey and the Zelda game too *_*
    SHiN~! I'm still alive, sorry for the late reply D:

    No, I don't have a switch (yet) :deadsad: Still planning to get one but didn't get to it xD
    awww it's been a while since I glomp someone:korokke_twins:

    Glad to hear it. I'm fine too...somehow...Uni life is haunting me until Christmas :beglife:
    I'm glad you're here Shin, sometimes I think we don't talk that much but I know how much you care about people here
    Well I can't blame people but it feels lonely when I think about the old lpw's
    Oh! You're right, we need more than 1 otaku room, let's make it one thousand!
    I wish I had a butler, and you a maid, then we would live in a mansion with an otaku room filled with figures lol :bigeyes:
    I wonder?:reallyconfused: I enjoy an earl grey :goodtea:
    I don't know! Maybe I should drink tea instead :goodtea:
    Oh it's Shin!<3 Missed me?:fullblush:
    Went to the beach yesterday and there was a massive lure party going on. Around 300 people gathered there xD
    Caught lots and lots of pokemon. Gained around 17500 XP just from catching pokemon!
    Finally watched Batman V Superman. Was very good, really enjoyed it. I feel that they tried to fit too much into the movie to set the stage for Justice League, but was still very good.
    I got Magnemite from an egg too x3
    Still trying to find as many karps as possible but it's a pain D:
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