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  • I have no stops at or near work D:

    Coolest thing I got yesterday was an 880 CP Magmar from an egg :0
    Hello sweetie, hope you're feeling well :nekopara_hug:
    For whatever reason, Magikarp is kinda tough to find D: I only find them when I'm using a Lure Incense.. It takes a retarded amount of 400 candies to evolve it :deadsad:
    I really want a Lapras but 10km eggs are kinda hard to get too.
    Stocking up on Pidgey's and Rattata's to go on evolve spree for XP farming with Lucky Egg :3
    Oooh nice :3
    I'm close to level 16 x3 Been catching lots of Magikarp, I want my Gyarados D:
    For you!

    I feel like eating chocolate until midnight and it's 1:30 p.m lol
    So so ~

    I'm having a chocolate party by myself:wasclose:

    /me hugs super tight and thanks for the cupcakes~

    How're you :3

    Merry Xmas!!!

    Wishing you and all of your family&friends to have the best new year~!
    Aww! Thank you~

    *gives a gift*
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