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  • I love that pic.:smooch:
    Too bad you say you can't use it, I don't think it's nothing to get a warning though.
    LoL how bout now,I wasn't done when you saw it. You Should custom your page again. I Liked your page look at HF.
    Pretty much, piracy is still in a small circle of people who either can't afford it or do it to judge it's worth before buying. It's doubtful there are yet enough people to really cause harm by taking advantage of pirating with all the heat it's been getting. At least, that's what I've seen.
    Yeah, I've been only playing the translated one by rougetranslator anyway.

    That'd be nice since hongfire dealt with the people who use to upload their as well. The problem will be to get people to come over I suppose. Plus it should be a thread for all types I believe, since not all RPG maker games give you Game over if you get raped. And the ROR type to.
    Mm... I heard he stopped because Mephiso got freaked out that piracy would increase from the English. Oh well, lately I've been interested in RPG games where pregnancy ensues if you get raped enough times. And of course, the system has to be like Mephiso games, molested or raped mid battles.

    Guess the guy should have had a back up plan in case the loli patrol found him. Unless his plan was to do it partially and police the game to raise popularity.

    That'd be a great idea. ULMF is getting popular now? I've known about it for awhile now but I haven't bothered to become apart of the community since they have an anti loli policy.
    Oh, you like Mephisto's games too huh? Yeah, sometimes the overzealous people can really hinder things. Plus they're just being hypocrates if they pirate stuff to. I managed to get the games that I was interested in to thanks to sizustar.

    I've been keeping tabs on RPG maker games, especially the BF type games. I wish they'd upload the DRM protected one to. Considering RJ088475 is crackable already.
    Dude I was Thinking about Creating some Torrents cause I Have a Solid Amount of NTR
    Content But Sadly I have No Idea How to do it.

    Ah Nevermind looks like Girlcelly got it covered, dont need me F'n it up
    I see... right I've been playing Toy wars (MicroVolts). Fun but hard to be able to get stuff since you have to spend a long time playing to be able to afford stuff. Unless you use real money...

    A recommendation is when you refer someone to this forum. They'll have to put your name in a box in the registration sign-up.
    Hmm... any other MMOs you play besides SWTOR?

    Yeah but it has a fan translation complete in English. Great game for it's time.
    Hmm... how about mutiplayer games. Or any of the old games back on the SNES. Like, heard of Live A Live before?
    Hmm I see... I haven't played that MMO. :x

    Hmm... well, you know about the list made by genkouhande, right? Links to game sites, blogs, etc that uploads all sorts of loli material. Then their's always LAH. Athough loli games don't get made as often as women with tits the size of melons :(

    I also love and play RPGs, RTS, TBS based games. Warzone 2100, Command & Conquer, Disgaea, Mana khemia, etc <3
    The OG Thread was created 6/26/2008 that's almost five years, a little thing i just had to mention. The missing year counts too.
    Code geass eroge go go go.

    I'm sure their could have been a better ending for her other then that normal one. Was her ending the same in the manga?
    Before we left Hongfire I took the initiative to PM other members with the address of our new NTR Thread I invited quite a few people in hope that this new start helps make us a strong NTR Family again.

    I wanted to suggest that we leave but deep down i really didn't want to leave, I wanted to hold on to the old NTR Thread Forever. I lurked there forever, then eventually posted became friends with you first and for a very long time it was just you who posted on my visitors page. In time Met some other Cool NTR bros like Prettz, Redorc, Tf2spy and many others.

    I Hope this New NTR Thread We have Stays, Cause I Honestly Like It here on Anime-Sharing, already met some cool people like Cocona.

    Well here's to the New NTR thread:goodtea:

    As for the name change i had CZberserk for a long time I mixed my real name "Chaz" with the Anime/Manga BERSERK, When i first watched the anime berserk i was 15yrs old i was blown away so i added the title to my name.

    As for the "Pirate King" I Love ONE PIECE and as you know i love COBRA both are Pirate Themed plus "i pirate other shit myself personally" also and felt it was time to change from the czberserk name.
    I've had the PirateKingCZ name for at least 3 years now it's also my PSN name so if you're on there add me bro.
    Um...Before I never think that Hongfire will die like this, and I tried to prevent it to happen, send to HongFire-chan my ideas in order to make it better, reporting violate threads to Staff Team Members, but finally, things keep going and what comes, it will comes...

    Ah, I do not mind giving rep out, but my power at here is still far away if compared to Hongfire, 67 points and 3890 points ^^

    btw, in case you need some helps, visitor message me will be solve quicker than private message since I am really lazy to reply :D
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