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  • Ah, Kamidori right? Yeah I downloaded it as well, it's fun. There were two more English translated VNs coming out in March to. Dead drops from MangaGamer and another I forgot, fantranslated. Inb4 they get delayed.
    I'm a strong with the power of lurk. I have a PS3, I could probably play it if I had the money. Found any game to fill the void of boredom you have?
    Thanks man we'll chat soon enuff. I'll log in over there if i can get to a computer to check up on the thread. Hopefully i should be back by the time Mass Effect 3 comes out.
    My Grandmother just died this past week so i have been really busy with my family and with the funeral coming up i haven't had much time to post in the thread. So I have to leave Miami to travel to LA on top of that i can't take my PC with me so no hentai for me at least a week. Oh and the chick on my visitors page just might be a dude but i i'll never know. she/he seems cool though
    Oh that's what you meant. Yeah I played Atelier iris 1 & 3 (Not 2) and Mana Khemia 1 & 2. I haven't played those other two you mentioned though...
    But dw about the magnet url for now.

    The only thing that keep us in this status probably our way of setting up this system - Everyone connects to the forum via an invisible VPN setup by us. The Japanese publisher, and everyone else, have no idea, and shall never have any idea where exactly Anime-Sharing is located. The VPN also shield AS from possible DDOS, and hacking attempt, as it's virtually impossible to hack a closed VPN system.

    Though, if there's enough pressure, our ISP (that provide the internet connection for the said VPN system) might give out some info that possibly lead to our datacenter.
    That's true, you're also welcome to create a thread to site support question to ask questions

    Unlike other people (who are probably kids) who run forum, we have never turned back or ignore constructive criticise.

    As for the Japanese pirate thing, well, their publisher isn't allowed to sell the game outside Japan, and then, Japanese export law also prohibited exporting of any pornography material (although their customs might have ignored this). We pirate since we have no other choices.

    No, as you know piratebay just got shot down and many other filehost also. It causes 'chilling effects' to our ISPs (as per megaupload / piratebay case) they might responsible for our action as well, so they might kick us out on the basis of hosting the torrent file. Providing magnet link means we don't even host the torrent file. Federal law in our country rule that linking to other sites, to any material, is completely legal. Same for linking the torrent file.

    That's for sure, and it's very easy, all you had to do was to create a torrent file as normal from your uTorrent, proceed to seed it as normal, and then, from the uTorrent inteface, right click on it, click copy Magnet URI, then paste the link anywhere you want in your post, remember to wrap it with GET THIS TORRENT
    Telsa, if you have any concern regarding my post, you can ask me.

    We might disable torrent attachment in the future. The reason is mainly because the Japanese keep complaining about the torrent file. While it is fine for us to host the torrent, we still feel that the Magnet URI is truly better for everyone, also less work on maintenance the stupid forum attachment system, which usually break randomly.

    For the time being, you can still continue to attach torrent file as you wish to your post.
    He means that he might stop torrent attachments. Instead, the magnet URL will be shown and from there the torrent files can be downloaded. I don't know much about magnet URLs, but so far I just copy/paste the url in uTorrent to get the files. Might be different for others.

    Oh and, he didn't say anything about you breaking the rules so you're fine.
    also playing FXIII-2 and keep jumping from "this game fun" to "why did I get this" it's good when the dialog is short but those Lightning and Sara voice over monologs are killing me. game play fun thou.
    Dude i got a problem i'm done adding files on the NTR torrent all mangas are packed into one folder consisting of 10.3GB,i opened utorrent then create torrent, well i tried adding directory but when i save as and create it does nothing maybe the directory is to big, should i compress into a rar file?:donow::ohnoes:
    Well, red is enough for my page, classy orcs are too difficult to find :goodtea:
    I like your page too ;)

    This forum seems to be good, so good choice Telsa :fulfilled:
    Lots of people are moving from hf, so maybe admin over there will try to invert the tendency by allowing back some content...?
    Honestly, I thought you did us an "fhc", disappearing like that from the hf ntr thread! :breakin:
    I'm really glad of your Internet return, and that's true it's so weird (and it tells how hf is dying) and great how lively it is here :bliss:

    When did you have the idea to move out like that?
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