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  • Happy new year, i wish the best and most important to be healthy and have always happiness and prosperity to your life!
    Once Again you have amazing staff :shinies:

    Anyway i must leave early for being home fro the new years!

    Also Happy New Year!

    Thank you! Also I like the imagis at the pictures corner very much! You have an extra special collection of pictures!!!
    So i watched an Ar Tonelico OVA today! kinda exciting, made me think of you, hope your holidays are well.
    Merry Christmas :D

    Also, I changed the {AK74gr} to my real name that was given to me when i was get baptism Konstantinos (Ken in English)

    Can you also change my old Rendering threat that was named with my old Nickname?

    If it is possible!

    Thank you !!!
    Hello sorry for posting at the picture's section

    I am new here and i like it!

    Also would you like be friends with me?
    Sorry for the late response, bad settings disabled the notifications, fixing after this......
    There are, but same of them has different names;
    also i'm not interested on rape game, but the truth is that i don't have the time to follow any discussion so i lost all contacts, and even don't remember who whose and where.....
    Anyway it's filled of peoples that are still active or just read in both forums.
    The game over rape thread? I looked at it a few times, especially right after I got into rpgmaker games when I played Sengeki of Gear. But I don't think I posted in it, unless I had I problem with something. I don't actually remember making any posts at all.
    Almost all my posting on HF was in the NTR thread, much like on here. I used the same username there too.
    Do you seem to remember me posting there or something? Like I said, I posted plenty in the NTR thread. You'll find loads of posts from me there, but not much else around the site.
    That'd be nice if that were true, wouldn't it. But no, the outside world is still too scary for me. So many people, so many noises. My internet might be slow, but I still prefer the safety and comfort given to me by my secluded, isolated basement.

    Oh, also, Happy Belated Birthday. Didn't know your birthday until I saw the message below me point it out. So you're twenty now? Shit, nigga! You weren't even an adult when I knew you! I think...
    Happy 20th birthday Cocona. Stay in good health, and I hope you have a good time.
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