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  • But, but, I want to go on a rodeo! I want to go see cowboys! 'Cause, you know, there are plenty of cowgirls already...

    Still slow, yes. Same as ever. It's all about patience and willpower!
    South Pole indeed. Because the south is warmer than the north, and the southernmost parts of Earth must be the warmest of all. I guess that explains my ~30C average daily temperature. And you must be American.

    Jokes aside, dunno what you were actually intending to ask, but if you mean leaving the country, I dunno. I don't think that's gonna happen shortly. I kinda like it here.
    A store clerk or factory worker, eh.

    Improving... well, there's much to be improved; I'm looking to gradually improving the way we handle tasks. And is an image board rather than an image host; it's the site Checkmate's been talking about that's similar to or Sankaku's image board.
    Ah, nice. Getting ready to jump to society? Haha. What are you applying for?

    Same old, same old. Life™ aside, been trying to improve ASL as well as prepare stuff for (though not much compared to Checkmate).
    Actually, the reason I was offline for a few days is mainly because I was sick. I just recently started playing the new Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn, which came out on the 5th, but I haven't been playing much. You?
    Late reply, late reply, late reply.

    Yeah, I've seen quite a bunch. I may not see any at all now, but back then, I used to see almost anything airing (at least check the first episode of almost each series). Among some mainstream series... Fate/stay night? Seen it. Madoka? Yup. Nanoha? Yes. Da Capo? Yes, at least for the first two and the spin-offs that came before the third.
    I-it's not like I wanted to reply to you either dakara ne! Hmph! Baka baka baaakaaa! etc.
    That's how you do it.

    Meh, the series felt rather insubstantial to me. The romance wasn't strong enough, fanservice wasn't good enough, and plot definitely was nowhere near serious. It didn't have much substance to speak of. But then again I just complain a lot and have very little love for animu.

    I see. Start with yourself, then. Always start from yourself!
    Heh, my bad. Failed to provide a timely reply, it seems.

    Mm, I vaguely know that Sena. Similar hair colour, I suppose. Still pretty different though if you ask me.

    No, human. Apotheosis doesn't make a mortal a real god. In order to escalate an earthbound mortal like yourself to godhood, there has to be a superior divine being who initiates the ascension. In other words? You're bound to be weaker than the divine being that apotheosised you.

    I see. Still with Zero no Tsukaima? I watched only the first season, and it was enough... Also, hiding dead bodies? Perhaps you should reconsider. Let their meek physical manifestation on this transient mortal plane be shone upon by the still moonlight. Let any who casts gaze upon them understand their place and their limits. Let them be an example to the others.
    Show? Wait, which show? I don't recall her appearing in any animu...

    Haha, I see. Good luck to both of us, then.

    Alright, my question. Let's start with something simple, like, what are you currently playing? Or reading? Watching? Whatever you're enjoying now?
    Haha, yeah, I remember that one. "The reason why I lost to you guys must be because I'm not the main character here!" etc.

    I said "somewhat." :p Not totally LOLI loli, but sure leans that way.

    Currently? No. Not as of the time of writing. And eh, this may sound weird, but I still live with my parents (and all family members). Unlike there in the West, here in Asia it's not that common a culture to move out as soon as you are 18.
    Yeah, I did hear about the gender-bending Laharl. That one aside, old characters appearing isn't something new in Disgaea, lol. It's not like the trio and even Vyers (Mid-boss) didn't appear in Disgaea 2. Heck, in the DS remake of the first, aside of Adell and Rosary/Rozalin, there were also characters from other games like Prier (La Pucelle) and Marjoly (Rhapsody)!

    Sana, not Sena. I suppose that's because a lot of things about her touch the soft spot of many. She's a doting imouto and somewhat a loli, among other things. She's also voiced by a very popular seiyuu (also one of my favourites), Agumi Oto.

    As I said, no fixed job. I've worked as a teacher, editor, translator, some sort of data entry slave... all of which were either freelancing or part-timing.
    Knowing Pokemon, likely yes. Its strong point is usually around mixing and matching your team with different combinations. That gives the games a high replay value for many. As about Disgaea, yes, I really do. I really like the high team customisability it gives. Interesting characters, cool moves, badass monsters. Good plot, nice music! What else?! I've only played 1 and 2 though. Don't have a PS3.

    That might be out of character for him... unless in a doujin or something, maybe.

    Why of course I am! Have you realised now that you're of an inferior race? Now kneel down. Like, right now.

    If you meant profile picture (the spinning face), that's Sana from Tenshinranman. If you meant the pink girl, she's an unnamed character illustrated by Kiseri Momokoto, one of my favourites. Source:
    One good thing about it is that the world looks really open. Probably not as wide and open as something like Skyrim, but still fascinating nevertheless.

    I can't say I "exactly" hate it or give negative feedback based on first-hand experience, but I can conclude that much based on what I've seen (premise, images, videos, comments, whatever). I don't like that kind of setting and, obviously, characters―including Rance himself―and plot. There's literally too much stuff to consume for entertainment nowadays, so I tend to filter my entertainment based on first impressions. That said, probably since it's essentially not a rape game, the creators just had to infuse some morality into Rance. lol. Daitekoku was quite popular too, but I suppose it was thanks to Rance translation that Alicesoft got that much attention.

    "Eventful" is a subjective definition for sure, but I don't think there's been anything worth mentioning. My life is quite normal and boring. In fact, I probably am not far from how you described yourself―I troll at times and I don't have a fixed job. Except no, I don't think I'm dumb. I value myself too highly to think like that. Mwahahaha.
    Well, Tales series are "just" JRPGs. Rune Factory mainly combines action RPG with things like farming and socialising with villagers. Natsume is also the same company that handled Harvest Moon, so it's become their character.

    Probably it was a rush of releasing a sequel to Black & White while still keeping it to the same console (NDS). But they're releasing X & Y on the 3DS later, although the starters look... crap, tbh. Check out the trailer if you haven't:

    Partially. But I don't like Alicesoft's games regardless of the popularity. Not my kind of stuff. Exceptions, well, like for example I can't deny some Touhou stuff is very well done, especially if done by artists that I have indeed long liked. For example, Touhou albums done by doujin musicians such as Demetori and Rokugen Alice.
    Haha, that depends. If you considered that Namco also made games like Tekken, you probably wouldn't see much similarity.

    No, we didn't. It's still there (click) and, at the time of writing, the Mediafire link is still alive. Well, that's still a weird problem, although I wouldn't know for sure without actually seeing what you saw.

    Yeah, both use the same system, and so do You bet there'll be lolis. 'Tis Checkmate we're talking about, after all.

    Hah, really? Silver is like the 2nd generation, and the 6th is coming out this year. Pokemon Online might be fun, but without someone you know to play with, challenging strangers will eventually get boring. As for Black/White 2, I haven't played them much, but they're fun. There are some new locations, although the only new pokemon are the fusions; Kyurem-Reshiram and Kyurem-Zekrom (still named Kyurem in the dex; they're ust like alternate modes for Giratina, Deoxys, etc).

    Touhou, well―perhaps its popularity is the very thing that made me dislike it. I have a tendency to dislike things that are too popular, because I find many of them not to my liking. Touhou is no exception. I don't like most of the artwork (with rare exceptions of illustrators that I specifically like drawing Touhou fanart); I don't like most of the music; I don't like the games. There are exceptions, of course.
    Erh, I guess I derped there. Meant to say, Namco has no involvement in it. Usual companies involved are Neverland (developer), Marvelous (Japan distributor), Natsume (US distributor), and perhaps another one that handles distribution in Europe.

    What kind of error message did you get? You could always try redownloading and reinstalling the client, but you may just end up having the same problem again if you couldn't identify what was wrong, lol.

    Nope, pretty much not so. focuses mostly on scans, whereas Check's proposed site is planned for mostly eroge-related resources. Those include CGs, sprites, and the like. Yeah, I suppose coro is definitely not human. But then again, being human is so mainstream and boring. It might be nice to be something else for a change.

    I still do, I still do. That said, I haven't gotten around to playing Black/White 2 much; only played it to the second town or so. X & Y are also coming out this... October. It's for the 3DS, sadly, which I don't have. As for Touhoumon and Moemon, nope, can't honestly say they interest me, lol. Disclaimer: I'm biased against Touhou.
    Perhaps you meant Natsume or Neverland? Because afaik Namco has involvement in it, lol.

    Haha, got something against Mirrormoon? Well, I'm lazy, I think you know that; I'm not really the person for translating long strings of text all written in narrative-style writing. Or... I'm just lazy in general. Yeah, I think that's it.

    Well, if it doesn't make you automatically join your channels, you could always do so manually (/join #anime-sharing). Both of them have been equally busy, I suppose. Check's preparing his new site, whereas coro is slaving for anime uploads and server stuff as usual.
    Nevarrrrr. That's not to say I completely dislike lolis; not that I have any special liking to them either. Anything new in the Japanese fanboy department? Not really sure what qualifies, but if it's VNs, I rarely play them nowadays. Last I played was Color of White. As for JRPG, I'm currently playing Rune Factory Oceans (Tides of Destiny in the US version; PS3/Wii) although I'm kinda going on half-heartedly and not very concentrated.

    No, I never got much in translating visual novels. I think I only translated a little for Chuu and that's it. I've done more manga translations, but even for those I currently am inactive. I haven't been on the #anime-sharing channel in a while too, but what have you been having problems with? Perhaps I can help configure your mIRC or whatever.
    It's grown large enough to swallow you and your mom whole. Rawr.

    Been so-so. You?
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