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  • A change of plans I guess? That sucks :/ In such conditions, can't help but prioritise the mandatory thing first, I guess...
    Mechanical engineering, eh. I was interested to get into it, but refrained since I thought it would be hard for me lol. Well, I guess it is hard isn't it?
    Wait, seriously 8AM to 5PM? Freaking 9 hours? Then what about your school?
    So you are a fellow malaysians also, nice to meet you. Which state are you from? i am from Neko city, Sarawak.
    hai >.< well walking in AFA is certainly better than doing the exam >.<;;

    I hope you did your best for your exam :)
    I see, Autocad eh. What are you majoring again? Civil engineering?
    Incompetent lecturers are the worst. Like seriously, why would they teach if they can't, lol.
    Well, if it brings benefit, then why not. Especially free things aren't something to miss. P
    well yeah...i enjoyed a lot of things... but my leg... is not holding up as i hope it will X.x after the event... its really hurt X.x
    hai~ from my information source there is a rumor that AFA next year will not be held in SG..
    Just hope it will be held in M'sia :3
    Ah, I see. There might be some difference in using the terms, but whatever. You had to drive for 30 minutes just for internet? That sucks >_>
    Talk about misfortune. Had such a thing once too, though somewhat I could recover the data later. Hope it won't happen again.
    Courses for what? Those might be not as pressing as exams, but still unpleasant to have on holidays, I'd say.
    Ahh, I see. Must've been hard. Thesis? You're taking masters' degree?
    Sorry to hear that, did the HDD got physically damaged or something? Was there no possible way to recover the data?
    Wow, you sure had a chain of misfortunes at the worst times. Isn't there any net cafe you can go to though?
    Your vacation starts in December? That's about the same with me then.
    Ahaha. Work or studies? Or still under your internship period?
    Yeah, I did hear about it, including all the unpleasant reactions from many.
    Problems came one after another. Currently its network adapter is broken, and I've been having problems repairing it. Been using a spare computer.
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