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  • Sorry for the late rpely as well. My PC just came back from the dead. XD Doing fine as well. I'll try to drop by the IRC chat one of these days if i remember. Shame that most of the time I'm alone there and everyone is away. xD
    So how have you been doing lately? :3 And in case you don't see this in a while, Happy New year. ^^
    Kou-chan what have you been doing~?
    /me hugs Kou-chan back
    I'm good! What about you?
    Because I have a twisted fetish.

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    That's good to hear~
    How much do you need to clean? Or are you just plain lazy :p
    Ahhh... don't find napping is necessary. Though you should get more sleep instead of naps.
    You should still pamper her!
    Hauuu... /me snuggles Kou-chan

    But I want to know! Tell me!
    No! One only!
    Merry Christmas to you as well :D
    Hi Kou-chan. Remember me?

    I wish you a happy Xmas! Don't know if you'll like this.
    /me binds some roris with rope and gives them to Kou
    :smooch:merry christmas!!!!:smooch:

    So are you feeling better now?
    Must rest more when you can! Depends... sometimes 5, sometimes 8 :p
    What about you Kou-chan?
    How can you say that about her!
    But I can't pamper myself!!

    How creepy??
    What! He needs to be loyal!
    Kou-chan daijoubu??
    Working is tiring! Must get enough rest! They don't even work :p
    Heh? Your imouto??
    I'm... better in every aspect!

    Uwah, that's creepy >_>
    So he's into both?!
    Don't mind, don't mind~
    But they're part of your life! You always seems to be at home...
    According to him, I guess. YES, PLEASE.
    I'm different! So you can't compare!

    You're so mean, calling him a pervert.
    And he's into 2D roris...
    Waaai~ Lolipops!
    Ummm, family members? You should meetup with them when they are back!
    He has a imouto?! I wanna see her!
    Uwah, he's a dangerous person...
    Ohh... next year?

    What! Why would he do that!
    I thought he only liked 2D!!
    No! For me! Huehuehue~
    Uh, going out with friends and stuffs?
    Busy with life and uh... mmm... Isn't he a rorikon?? He has siscon??
    Where was AFA held at in Malaysia? I thought it was close to your area?

    Lewd stuffs?! With who??
    Uhh... and candies~
    I guess there are other things to do, right? :p
    No! I am busy with other things too! No, he's a rorikon!
    Busy with work on that day too?

    Onii-chan is just jealous :p
    Maybe he wants a hug from Kou-chan too~
    But you must bring something along before I can give you my address!
    What kind of stuffs??
    Not really, less of that now.
    More on life :p
    And AFA was sugoi~
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