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  • Ossu, asked around, girlcelly has a nodvd for shinigami version 1.01

    Check his torrent thread~ :D

    Thats pretty what I am trying to avoid. ISO disc image is big as hell.

    Thanks though.

    You have link for shinigami nodvd patch? Or else I heard that the disc image needs to mounted to play.
    Real life stuffs, and many other issues...
    But I thought you don't like lolis!
    Because I have her! Why would I want to marry?!
    Every day, yes! :p

    I just collect and... play with them! No! What are you talking about?!
    I'm not! I'm just trying to change your taste~
    /me pushes a cute rori to Kou-chan
    Not really, hibernating at the moment... but still do it occasionally .

    Why not! You're lying!
    I bet I can't run away after that >_>
    It's okay! I was busy too!
    What!! How you do that??
    Hehe... but I don't plan to marry :p
    Ohhh~ Thanks!

    His level is higher than mine!
    It's okay! Come with us, Kou-chan!
    /me snuggles Kou-chan together with roris

    Show me a pic of your sweetie!
    B-But! I'm afraid...
    Imouto-chan? :p
    But you're older than me!
    I don't have a choice >_>
    Kou-chan, do you know where to get tinkle art?
    If so, I want all!

    He has more! I saw it before...
    I don't know. For once, I thought you changed into liking imouto :p
    /me gives Kou-chan some hand-made cookies

    Where!! Show me!!
    Hauuu, I don't want to get eaten >.>
    Then it's better not to ask~
    Mainly on her, since my parents are busy working...
    The rest are on studies, projects and sorting out my stuffs every weekend.
    I not tinkle fan! But I want all tinkle art!!

    Yeah~ Imouto-chan desu~
    He have more than me! It's over 9000!
    Still like the onee-chan type?
    I know all along, ehehehe
    /me snuggles beside Kou-chan

    You should be happy!
    Can she be my imouto? :p
    Awww... we can share~
    Nope~ Thanks for the present :p

    And I can buy more things for her!!
    Stash... ror- Nothing!
    Why!! Why!!
    No, why would I do that?? I just thought you were all along...
    /me hugs Kou-chan

    Kou-chan has a sweetie :o
    *cough cough*
    Rarely have holidays to come by...
    I have! I want my present!

    CNY I have holidays too!!
    I heard it from.. my stash :p
    You can skip their routes!
    Why bother playing if you don't like them!!
    /me hits Kou-chan
    Having holidays now ^^
    Hehe, thanks~

    Kou-chan, ganbatte!
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you too!
    Have you been playing with lolis lately??
    I heard that you did...
    Kou-chan! <3
    Gomen ne... was really busy for the past few months,
    and will do so for the upcoming month(s) as well.

    How were you for the past few months? :p
    I'll reply your previous vm later ^^
    Hey hey~ go create majikoi animu thread~
    Cast too star-studded, i wa lazy!
    Kind of, won't be able to come online for next few weeks...
    How about you? Busy with life? :p

    That's good to hear~
    But! You can choose- nevermind >.>

    That's why must train more! I can train you to be pro!
    I'm not! And it's not fun doing FSing...
    Why'd you ask that question?
    There's nothing more! It's that simple! Imouto is moe!!!

    Then I don't want to work!!
    Then call me oneechan! Ohohoho~
    It's gonna end!! Kurisu is going to revive!!
    Akari and Chinatsu is the best!
    I think it will work when we are both online.
    I only watch because of Tomoka! R-15, and tenshi
    As long as there is plot, I won't mind!

    It's the same~ Not much changes.
    Sorry, forgot to reply :p

    So, you're feeling better now?
    Don't overwork yourself!

    Training against players is better than playing against AI, I must say.
    Not gonna tell you! I've jumped groups quite a number of times. I was interested, that's all!
    Half true, half false. Don't stereotype!
    Imouto = Moe , Moe = Imouto! That's all!

    I won't have time to play!
    But, I thought you always wanted one >.>
    Now it's really just like 4-5 episodes left. Can't imagine how they're gonna fit all of it in.
    Yes! But they are really adorable! Hauuu...
    Jelly... Don't remind me!!
    Try adding me when you're playing!
    But, I know you like them! I've dropped a few series ;_;
    Hehe, okay.
    I've those in my hard disk, but have yet to watch those yet...

    Anyway, Dota 2 is awesome!!
    You should watch the live stream! It's at dota2 website :p
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