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  • Well...I just read your reply,if it's really for me...are you sure you didn't make any mistake?Well,then,I think that you really like it,the Usagi Drop.I like it too so I think I can understand your feelings somehow.I can always get something that life doesn't show me from an anime,that's why I love this world so much.I like Rin's voice,esp. everytime she calls "daikichi" with an innocent look.If only I have a sister like her~Thank you for sharing your feelings...if no mistake...with me.
    Uuuu... Kou-chan please take good care of your body!
    That's good to hear. Is it better now?

    Why would I want to play in the opposing team against you?! That's why train!
    Long enough to buy myself a car. Just kidding :p
    Not really. I can read Chinese, but not that good.
    That's why imouto moe!! Kou-chan understands imouto moe now right??

    No!! I don't want to be an idol!
    Chigau! I'm referring to you! Then, I can be one!
    ;_; This anime is becoming more tear-jerking.
    But! Yuru Yuri is adorable!!! I am not!!
    Traveling to the future may cause some harm to your body!
    I sent already >.> ... Did you receive it?
    Nope! There is more! I only watching half!
    Why drop basketball lolis?! R-15... where's the sub...
    And tenshi is ._.
    What else you watching that I'm not watching??
    Kou-chan, takecare of yourself!!
    How's your stomach now?

    You won't get pwned if you play with me!
    Yeah... Blu-Ray projects and airing shows to do.
    That's why you say bu yao! You don't want! So I don't say!
    I cannot read kanji!!
    What?! It's not! Oneechan is more complex! Siscon (¬_¬)

    No! It won't!! Don't think too much!
    Well, I can't leave her alone. Siscon!
    She is tsuntsun! Ohhh!
    Yuri Yura Rarara Yuru Yuri! Dai Jiken!
    That's why I don't want to touch that!
    Nope. It's around 20. Max is 50.

    Here's my list:
    Kami-sama no Memo-chou
    Sacred Seven
    Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
    Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!!
    Yuru Yuri
    Kamisama Dolls
    Usagi Drop
    No. 6
    Mayo Chiki!
    Mawaru Penguindrum
    Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!
    Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi
    Nekogami Yaoyorozu
    Dantalian no Shoka
    Hanasaku Iroha
    That's good to hear.
    ;_; Kou-chan must takecare of yourself too!

    It's your team! Type -airepick <Number> to repick ai. <Number> 2 - 5 is your team, 6 - 10 is enemy.
    I have things to do >.>
    Okay! Bu yao then don't say!
    Ahhh true. So, I skip clanned VN?
    Why!! Imouto is moe! So it's easy to understand!
    Nope. Getting time to watch, lots of BD to do.

    Moe pics of me?! Wha-
    That's my responsibility. That's why you like oneechans??
    I see how they will end up! I can see how kurisu becomes more tsun!
    Yes! Yes! What! No yuri!!! Only... madoka and homu... haa... haa...
    Wouldn't want to touch on that if I have my hands on that machine.
    No!! Add me when you wanna play! There's a lag!
    Sorry to hear that.
    How's your mum doing?
    After work will be tired!

    That's why your ally will come and help! Type -oui for commands, -od to defend, -oa to push lanes.
    No! No time to attend...
    Nevermind! Don't talk about it!
    But the game gives you more info!!
    You are making yourself confused!
    Quite a lot. Hehehe, shhhh! :p

    Umm... Moe... How do I sell that??
    Why do you say so??
    Ohhh! I think I can see the ending now!
    That's why! Homuhomu is adorable!!
    Not really, that's the story. So, it can't be helped :p
    Pfft. Okay~ Add me again!
    Jaaa... Homete! Homete!
    Chigau! He will be busy with work!
    No! You are wrong!!

    I know! It's obvious once you play them everytime!
    Yeah... and well, let's not talk about it >.>
    I can't read! But I can only listen a lil bit...
    Please explain your words. I don't understand.
    Clannad is so long! I stopped halfway (¬_¬) Maybe continue later.
    No no!! Why are you making things so complicated?!

    Nevermind! Forget it!
    That's not what I meant! Argh!!
    Ohhh... troublesome being the onii-chan huh :p
    FB is... a certain organization other than SERN? Or is it someone?
    But I prefer Homuhomu!!
    No >_> ... What's your ign??
    Noooo! Nevermind!
    But he will be busy!
    Hmph! Don't think you are right!

    It depends on who you got on your team too! Teamplay is important!
    Yeah, Maple... spent quite a few back then.
    Don't want! I want to depend on my reading skills!
    I am! Ahem, I can't comprehend your language, Kou-chan.
    Hmm... don't think they are any. I like most of what I played anyway. Maybe Soul Link? Nah...
    Only deredere! Kou-chan!! Stop making me say all those stuffs!

    That's because you don't understand!
    It means, moe only at a certain time at a special discount!
    Why do you need a dvd player?
    Guess I'm not gonna ask what's FB since it's gonna be a spoiler :p
    But! But! Homuhomu is too adorable... hauu... And Madoka too!
    Pm me whenever you wanna play :3
    Why don't you know!!
    Don't think he will be free to play either!
    Nono! You got it wrong! Imouto, imouto, imouto... imouto... haa...

    It depends on which hero, but I don't find it that difficult. It's AI+ tho.
    Aika, Diablo 2... don't think I played a lot.
    But! You can read! I can't when I want to play!!
    Huh?? Kou-chan, what are you talking about? I don't undertand!
    So far, none. It depends really, because i see their CGs and story plus voiced.
    That's only towards my imouto!! Not other people!! And what do you mean by dere to my imouto?!

    N-Nothing... if you don't get it :p
    Or you prefer first edition, limited edition?!
    Go get one!
    Ah... she's getting scary... didn't know that she was one of them.
    But Homu-chan is gonna ignore him cause she is too cool! And she only likes Madoka!
    Hello Kou,
    I want to play Baldr Sky dive~ but am wondering whether there are any prequels and sequels or whatsoever. If there are any p'se do let me know.
    I don't want that too!!
    No!! I'm not sure >.>
    I have other things to do too you know!

    6.70c! Waiting for the newer version.
    It gets boring, so I quit :p
    Playing VNs!! That is remarkable!
    Huh?? It gets boring, so I just skipped those from time to time. And it gets me... nevermind!
    I like their games! Not all though.
    I don't know what you are talking about!! /me runs away
    No dere! Hence not tsundere! I didn't say I wasn't tsun! Hmph!

    I didn't say I hate it or anything...
    But it's the same!!
    I got it from a fair! I have a 250GB for 100+ a few years ago, 1TB for 150 and 2TB for 150 ._.
    Talking! But it's getting more interesting now!
    It's like Homura-chan :p
    I don't want that!!!
    No!!! Of course not!
    I managed to spent some time with my imouto :p

    Uuuu... okay then >.>
    All of them went missing ;_;
    Why must you be so pessimistic! You are not useless!
    Ahh okay... Yukinon is moe!
    Sharin FD, those extra routes. After that maybe G-senjou >_>
    Huh?? What thing??
    Not gonna type out! Hmph! Tsun~

    Kou-chan... our distance seems to be getting further apart...
    There is normal pokemon and special and rare and unique! It's the same as moe-ness level!
    That's because i downloaded a lot :p
    But! >.> ... Yeah! Getting more interesting now, although they're still talking...
    i hate Ruka coz he is a cross dresser, i even hate her more coz she is change into girl,,

    the CV by Yū Kobayashi completed my anger, the way of her/his speaking is fed me up,
    very slow (in the game), especially made me angry in the chapter 6 when okabe searching for mayushii,,

    i'm glad in the anime the wa of her/his talk is more speed up (eps 13),,


    Daru eh, i'll be waiting for his role then,
    tho' i got premonition that he is "titor", the one suzuha searching for, am i wrong ? :D

    hee~, there is no daru and moeka,
    so what the point is showing them at the end of opening scene ?

    i get the point why moeka is being shown, but what purpose is daru ?

    ugh, forgot suzuha, so the total is 6 possibility side end,,

    it is off 1 chapter!!
    who is don't get ending route ?

    with moeka, mayushi, kurisu, rukako, feyris, there is 5 possibility side end, & 1 true end,
    within 11 chapter, so the branching will start from chapter 6, right ?

    btw is there no daru route ? :D

    better converse here than the anime thread,,


    i don't really get it,,

    so it means in some next chapter it will have multiple choice that will direct me into the side ending like other VN ?

    so how many chapter did it have ?

    Hauuuu... Kou-chan, Homete! Homete!
    Maybe... and maybe not!
    Like when things go your way and when it doesn't.

    No!! Play with ai, then i get to see what's wrong with you :p
    Too boring... yeah >.>
    Kou-chan sugoi desu ne!
    Kou-chan wa yakunitatanai wake de nai desu yo!
    Does it sound weird? ><
    Yeah! That's why! Puchin!! And Ell-chan! Yukino too, hauuuu...
    Ahhhh! You know... they go ahhh! And ugh! And haa...
    You just wanna see me type all those right... (¬_¬)

    But you're implying that we accept that kind of sacred relationship which in turn is the same as having a yuri relation that's called yuricon when you like that kind of relation which will violate the holiness and sacred-ness of yuri!
    Like rare pokemon! Okay, I get it!
    Really? I only store anime... and vns... and erm... erm... that's all!! Stop asking!
    And get stomped >.>
    Heehee. /me snuggles Kou-chan
    Both! Have to keep a balance!
    Both too! Good things don't always happen!

    Wanna have some game with me to improve on it? :p
    Nope, that's the first two weeks when I was gone. No more now.
    I can feel an awesome aura from Kou-chan too!
    They are like the closest friends! 幼なじみは大統領 :3
    Wha- Why?! But they ARE adorable!! You have to agree too!
    That... Haa... Haa... scene!! You know which one I'm referring to!

    But that's as good as accepting it! So isn't it the same?!
    Moe that only make you hnnnnnnnnggggggg? :p
    >.> Hdd huh... Around 1TB, and I still have one 2TB and 1TB external that's already full...
    And her wish!! That flower is a forget-me-not flower. DAT Flower!
    Gomen ne, Kou-chan~
    Moushiwake arimasen deshita!
    Was kinda busy lately...
    Many things happened within the last month.

    Anyway, how's your dota skills? :p
    I managed to grind till 101, again, and stopped.
    There's nothing mysterious about me! I'm just an average person!
    Wished i had an osananajimi too! Speaking of that, i managed to play the vn too!
    Imoutos and roris are... adorable!! Mugyu!
    Th-That scene...

    But, yuricon is... forbidden!
    >.> Kou-chan is being all over moe!
    Flac takes up so much space!

    And thanks for the video :p

    And LOL, saywut? HE'S AN ONEECON!? Perhaps that's why I actually agreed to many things he said WWWWWWWWWWWW. Just like how Check and Micchi mostly favour the same characters >_>

    I guessed so. Or perhaps they're worried that if they started talking about nukige Zen would bash them to death? XD Yeah, no offence taken, I know they're bad. Who plays them for anything other than PLOT anyway :p I'm being honest here, I play them purely for the nuki - that's what they are anyway! wwwwwwww. Pff most of the imoutos in Imopara are too rori or just too IMOUTO (yes caps) for me >_>
    Oh sorry for the late reply w.

    I guessed they would. As long as it doesn't get annoying (like people from the engrish VN community who think that they know so much about good VNs...). Did they ragequit because they couldn't stand Zen's bashing? XD Indeed, that's how some people *cough* started getting along with Check actually.

    I can see that though I guess the vibe is more prominent on his posts rather than directly talking to him on IRC. Or perhaps I just nailed the right topic (about translations) at the first time I started talking to him so we mostly agreed on many parts. Ohhh yeah, I did see his rant about Eustia too when someone mentioned it www. Well I guess aside of his Japanese skills and experience he's gifted in terms of literary appreciation too. I could see why outsiders call him an arse - but at least not a troll! (or he? w)
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