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  • bruakakakaka....
    like i said, i just uploaded what i found and what my friend offer :p
    and im not in to those genre (-_-)'
    hmmm if u imagine yourself in between a yuri couple that become HAREM !!!
    and thats my genre ! i love HAREM.. LOL !! and talking about YAOI....
    no comment. i dont even dare to think to download . . >,<
    ahahaha. . . you're envision to much !! lol~
    but there's a tons of people out there who like YAOI and YURI.
    can't think what they like about YAOI though. . .
    i really don't know the genre mate..
    i got it from friend @bakabt.
    huahahahahaha... so YAOI doesnt suit you ?
    BIG LOL !
    iankay.. T^T

    It's the end of august and I haven't Finished preparing the demo pack. :\ *sigh this time I'm really troublesome to you. :[[ is the raw vox really helpless like the first one I've sent(?
    iankayyyyy... >.< can you help me again with denoising stuff? What program are you using? Hmm.. I was able to record a voice only version for one woman recorded through a headset only.. I'll send it tomorrow..will you teach me how to clean it and how does Phasers work? Once I learn that ii think things will be easier. :]
    Just follow this sequence Baldr sky dive 1 lost memory > Baldr sky dive 2 recordare > Baldr sky dive x
    Yes, Manhwa is allowed in the manga section. Don't forget to put all the info needed~
    As far as I can see, the OP single ain't out yet. I'll let you know when it will be release. ;)
    Sounds good. Well, if you want, you can choose a project and clean the scans gradually. When I resume doing stuff for the scanlation world again I'll start doing the translations/typesets/cleans/whatever needed.
    Me actually; since the time I made that announcement back then till now my schedule's been awry with work and assignments. Currently I'm having finals and will start to get things sorted out properly afterwards
    Ian, the name of the song is called Life is a boat by Rie Fu. It has been uploaded by people already. It's an old song. Just google it and you'll find it. Good luck. :D
    Welcome to ASS, iankay ^^

    Say, take a look at this section and tell me which project(s) you want to work on. Cheers~
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