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    *makes a sudden appearance

    Happy birthday Pinky I wish you success and long life filled with joy^^

    Merry Xmas!!!

    Wishing you and all of your family&friends to have the best new year~!
    Welcome back!

    Nice it was time to close the 30 and the 31 SOTM are you gonna give the award for the 30 SOTM also?

    So we are extending the SOTM 32 to 28th of July?

    I hope this SOTM goes well...
    1st: Welcome from the exile again Pinky!

    2nd: Good timing... Would you please to SOTM an view throw...:bigeyes:
    happy birthday pink!
    Happy Birthday Pinky!

    I know you're very busy IRL but keep at it!
    Have a wonderful day~!

    Hiya Pinky,

    How are ya? ^^ Hope you're doing well, being very busy and all :0
    I have just one question.. I finally won an SOTM (and I'm genuinely happy about that and thanks for your praise as well!) I'm just missing that lovely shiny award :sowwy:
    Sorry if I bother you with it.

    Take care Miss Pinky~
    Hello dear Pinky~

    Long time no chat!

    It always feels warm and fuzzy when I visit your profile page... friendly people and pink hues~

    Ah, got side-tracked.

    I hope you do not mind, when you find the time, to sticky the following thread. ASF First Video Contest

    It is contest for people to show-off a video that is at least one minute long. The content they decide to use is almost unlimited. With the video, not only can they try out their editing skills, but they can try to promote awareness of certain events, tell a personal story, or just go crazy about an anime he or she loves.

    I hope you can join us and enjoy the videos the participants create.

    Thank you for your time.

    Take care and rest when needed~
    Happy new year, Pinky!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Ah, I see. Don't worry about it for now, then. No rush, no rush. Enjoy your holidays!
    Hey Pinky, mind alerting me or Checkmate next time you're on IRC (no rush, just when you can spare some time)? We were talking about SOTM-related stuff as well as the notice put up to showcase the winning signatures and we could use your input.
    I noticed you mentioned me, presumably in the thread that was terminated, as the post is no more; if you had something to say to me, I did not receive it. :/
    Hello, Pinkylicious. How do you do. I am mildis of Liliengarten. I have question about SOTM 20 and 21. There is the poll in the SOTM20, why hasn't it concluded. And as to SOTM 21, I read the Entry guidelines and confirmed the Deadline, so I posted the entry. I misunderstood. Most entries were posted on 4, 5 on October. I could not imagine, during one month there was no entry, so I thought entries were posted in early November (it was misunderstanding). But I read and checked a bit various things about SOTM, I found the present conditions are strange. How things are going along. Regards.
    If only life were a game. I like to try out different things and challenging conventions in games, but in reality... it often comes with various consequences, sometimes not very desirable.

    More or less. I hope I'll get it done in time... contacting my advisor hasn't been very easy; it's almost done but she wants me to reference another book. That's what I need right now. As about summer vacation, I'm actually done with the semester itself -- all I need to take care of now is the thesis. Once that's out of the way, I can hopefully enjoy my summer.

    Mmm, I suppose that's relative... I mean, I can perhaps claim expertise in front of people who have never learnt it, but I'd feel belittled without words to talk to certified linguists! Or something like that. And mark my words -- you don't want to be quick to get to the point where you need to make your thesis. You don't! And naaah, even when Check was already a full-fledged adult, I was still a kid, hehe.

    For translating and editing, sometimes yes. Sometimes it's from English to my native language or vice-versa. And design, well, it's more for fun, actually. Sometimes I make site mock-ups, sometimes other pieces of graphics, sometimes just random stuff. As about reading, there's stuff I prefer to read and stuff I prefer to watch/play. For example, media with heavy political and psychological themes is something I'd rather read.

    I listen mostly to Japanese music, as you can imagine. Some of my favourite Japanese artists are Shimotsuki Haruka, nao, fripSide, Yuuki Aira, AiRI, and Marie. As for western music, I like Eagles, the Beatles, Andy Williams, Black Stone Cherry, Dream Theater, and some more. I don't listen to most western music nowadays, though.

    Yeah, we wanted the award/experience system revamp to go along with the redesign. But yeah, I got this thing to worry about for now. And thanks~ You're welcome too~ Also sorry that the message got a bit too long lol
    Exactly. It's only normal that people are expected to behave in conformity. Not that it's always nice, but not that we can always go against it either. Ah, well...

    8th of July. I want to finish it by the end of this month at the latest, though. I want to have my summer holidays unhindered~ I'm not THAT good at Japanese, really (in particular, I'm not very good at reading). Not that we're taught much beyond the basics for everyday use either. I used the words "academic research paper" because the term "thesis" may carry specific interpretations in different languages (for example, here, it refers specifically to master's degree only, while I'm just a bachelor student). Also sssh, at least I'm the second youngest in the team!

    Ah, I see, I see. That's almost always the case with working students. There's just not enough hours in the day to enjoy sleeping undisturbed from before midnight to the morning. Weird jobs like, well, they vary -- translating stuff, editing stuff, sometimes writing, sometimes making a design. Not all of them have a commercial interest. And yes, I like reading, although I don't read fictions much. I listen to music on PC too, though~

    Thanks! ^^ Maybe not the contest section specifically, but the design and awards system. Looking forward to doing them myself, just not sure actually when... Ahaha. A new theme, eh. Hmm. Let's see, in accordance with our conversation, how about something like "your future dreams"?
    I suppose such is life, hmm? Ah, I think taking your time on deciding is a certain form of beauty in itself. It's too bad society forces us to make a choice fast lest we get swept behind, though. Not everyone can do what they want to do.

    Yeah, not much time left, but I've been pretty burnt out lately... so I've been taking breaks every now and then. It's Japanese studies and my thesis revolves around linguistics. It's a very boring subject, really, unless you like analysing the "why" and "how" of grammatical rules. And yes, I suppose that's a rather clear pointer of my age when I say I'm writing my thesis, eh?

    Oh really now! Bad Pinky, tsk-tsk-tsk. Also, if your work requires you to have a timely schedule (going to school at X, office at Y), aren't you supposed to sleep normally? Me, I'm likely gaming during late hours, or doing some miscellaneous weird jobs overtime (I don't work at a physical office now). When I'm not on PC I'm either sleeping or reading.

    Sadly, I'm not sure anything important will come up soon, but everyone will be informed when it happens. I and Check plan to revive the redesign after I'm done with my thesis, though, so let's see. As about the theme, I'm... honestly not sure. If you think you should get more entries on the current theme, feel free to keep it open until the end of the month. Otherwise, you can open a new one.
    Ahh, I see. Life's tough as always, huh. Keep on doing whatever you do best and you'll do great. I've been doing good; currently taking care of some academic research paper I need to write in order to graduate.

    No, nothing, really. Just thought I'd check up on you because I noticed you've been online very late at night (or actually very early in the morning), both on the forum and on IRC. People like me and Checkmate are born creatures of the night, so it's natural for us to sleep abnormally, but I don't suppose it's the same for others.

    We still have our long-term plan to revamp the competitions as well as the awards and experience system. What sucks, though, as I'm sure you're already aware, is that none of us currently have enough time to sit down long enough and constantly work on our planned revamps. Still, that's still a plan we're not giving up just yet, so if you have anything you'd like to let us know about the competitions, contests or whatever, feel free to say~
    Hey Pinky~ Have you been busy? Just checking up, 'cause we haven't corresponded in a while -- besides for SOTM awards, that is!
    hey can you help me with downloading anime i want to download Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru from episode 1. please reply asap. XD i found it from episode 2 ut 1 i dont know.
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