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  • Thx. I don't knew, i watched every video on their page, please can you send me a link? Thank you^^
    It means you see some breasts, but not all.
    Manyuu comes in four flavors:
    Censored on MTX.
    Partly uncensored on AT-HD a week later (this is also a pay channel).
    Uncensored webcast in horrid quality (and costing a couple bucks per episode).
    And the blurays.

    It's their way of optimizing money earned.

    Also: Get the Hiryuu-Kira versions; the translation and editing are far superior. ;)
    Fincher, don't worry. We have all the sources that we need. :D Thanks for the help though.
    PS2 is a console, therefore it is being posted at Console Games section

    The said statement holds true for PC platform only.
    Because it's one of the few hentai I watched and I like it. :whistle:

    I pretty much never use Megaupload, because it has no advantage to me - all other hosters give me the same speed (as free user) and their use is more widespread. Add in that MU is not working well with IDM - well, I just don't use it. :P
    Will add it to the list of complaints though, just in case someone else asks in the future. :D
    Hello, Thx to messages to me. if you have good hcg you can send to me. Thank you very much
    probably u mean something like jdownloader container ?
    so u can download all files in 1 links ?
    Hi Fincher ^^

    Um...I checked all my source and it seem there is no HCG for this game at the moment, maybe it is hard to rip :)

    I don't play dota anymore and ping to europe is very high, not playable at all.
    Hey, yeah I do play DotA once in a while.
    But I'm not pro or anything :p

    I only play on Garena.
    If you want a game anytime, do tell me (:
    I'm not 100% sure, but i think the pic that you wanted to know in the LoLz thread is from the Rosario to Vampire manga. The girl looks like Kurumu, but i'm not really sure. =/
    Thanks for the pointer Fincher. ^^
    I'm waiting for the redone versions by Kira - with properly encoded video (their v1 as well as Doki's release have major issues) and a script that has less errors. Fact is, until they release there simply is no SnQ version worth getting out there.

    Might grab the Doki version once they have a batch though, since they're not going to redo them anyway. ;)
    If only through reading you can actually know how happy I am right now :3

    Thanks for reading my post BTW :3
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