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  • How did you know I was MEEEGGGAAAA HAAPPPYY? ROFL

    Yesterday was the best night I ever had especially with the BONUS CD!
    I am currently not at home, so doing things is a pain - I will look into it tommorow afternoon (if it doesn't resolve until then).
    You don't need to explain. You like what you like and I like what I like - simple as that.
    won't have time to play it soon but Aiyoku is in my to-play list. =)
    one of my friends told me it was very good.
    aw... D: i thought about asking you to be our translator.

    i've only finished FA so far but i plan to play other August games as well. i like their artwork too.
    J-art is nice... But the naughty part is another issue. ;] Didn't mean to make you confused with the "unsafe" part... Cuz we're kinda used to it specially when i'm the one saying it. xD

    Best wishes to you too.~ Enjoy your stay in ASF. Oh, and don't forget to visit the Creativity and SOTM section. ^^
    My definition of "unsafe" links in ASF are links with nude+ecchi+other fleshy stuff. They, the other staff, usually warns me about it when someone post links when we're having convos because I don't do such. xD Basically because i'ma female staff, who's really pure and innocent, second because I dislike those stuff. ^^ Kinda odd eh specially i'm a mod too? :]]
    Those are unsafe links. o.O good thing I didn't open and see it totally. :O I am the only mod who doesn't do vns or other ecchi stuff. :| But your group's default pic is safe... And your group picture can't be accessed unless he/she is a member so I guess it's okay.
    Is the voice of the duck the same as in the Japanese version?
    Sounds like it might be a dub for another country.
    Which group and episode was that from then?
    I went through them, the first few have thick ribbons, then later they switch to less ribbons. Unaired episode 13 has transformations where the breasts are briefly uncovered, but the ribbon girl doesn't transform there.
    That's coincidental, my nick is my own creation and not related to any names, places or characters (fictitious or real). ;)
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