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  • true my heart キミを近くで誰より感じたい
    close to my love 瞳閉じていつか叶うから 素直な気持ち抱きしめ~
    No hard feelings, lol. It aint a first I replied like this, haha.
    I understand you meant no harm. Especially not towards LNs in particular.
    Believe me, I wasnt mad. Just felt down by general reactions.
    My thoughts just now were : "Hmm, I blew so much on the titles, just wanted to share." Then the convo kicked in and I just felt I had to leave.

    I know I am still sensitive to the issues of like/bash. Probably why I cant change my passion towards the things I appreciate. Well aware of other nasty tags some other people label of my favorite series, but I cant care too much about those people because I know what's good and why I fell in love with it in the first place.

    So yeah, I will apologise too if I caused any unpleasant moments. Harm is only done to my wallet. Will be better after a night's rest.
    That is all right.

    I'm just happy you accepted the friend request. ^^

    Please stay healthy~
    Hello there.

    If you don't mind, is it all right to be friends?~

    Until then, take care. Bye-bye~
    Haha, Iggy mentioned about that too, for releases or sorts earlier today.

    Enjoy then~
    Leak dark secrets onto quotes board next time! :D

    Would have already volunteered myself back during all those recruitment they conducted back then, but I cant trust my own skills too. :P

    Go have fun and discover those secrets then. What are you actually doing for ASL?

    Words (お茶) -> kana (おちゃ) -> english (ocha) ??

    No confidence in my skills though, refrained from doing these since long ago. Cant commit long too, NS in sept. T__T
    Like I said too, not due to kusoges or whatsoever, its really down to myself in the end.

    I dont see myself playing anything in anytime soon, so a 'temporary' quit.
    Hmm, think I can understand why you didnt want me to play MB.
    Ironically, its a final stab to my lingering hopes of continuing toplay vns.

    Will heed your advice and stop forcing myself to read anymore.
    No worries, 'quitting' vns till... I really dont know.
    Sorry for late reply.

    Then its bad. I havent had much time to play it, will play tonight when I clear my animu backlog from these 2 days. Got a temp job, sucky one too.

    Or so I heard there is no route for heroines, you could have H-scenes with all the girls before picking 1 final one in the last chapter? Whatever the case, I will go ahead and play for the fighting system, have to learn some basics first.
    Didnt play eustia though. The battle system looks ok, will need time to figure out.
    Kuso as in the story? Its that bad?

    I will still want to play this, have 3 games queued behind it.... T__T
    Does the choices (the normal decisions in other games) matter in Material Brave? No specific kouryaku anywhere so I cant double check. I know the game has quests and stuff like that, just started not long ago, so I still really dont know a lot.

    So, I assume the girls routes are like the 'Pick the girl you want' type of selection? So does normal choices like the one that occurred very early into the start (the one with the self-proclaimed osananajimi) matter?
    Always busy~ Are you still working?
    No, you can't!
    She's mine! Yuri?? Of course, not!
    Don't have time to do so... compile one for me!

    Hide and seek... catching... umm, what else...? Huh??
    Who? What did they do?
    /me tries to save that rori and pushes Kou-chan inside
    Downloaded it but didn't watch it >_>
    Loli! Uhhhhhh...

    I thought they do! Why not!
    You told me she is :p
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