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  • Happy new year, Ariya!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    So easy is it not, because the hole for the cloaca is still too small, where not possible to found out what for a sex/gender have...

    ...Anyway; What's up at you...?
    Here is it, I hope that you now see can...
    Pew.. how long you've been learn IT world without knowing about winRAR?
    Just download winRAR, install it to your PC/Laptop, and right click the rar file.. extract here or extract files..
    Oh how shame:sowwy:....~ my poor Ariya, I hope that not heavy is...~

    Here Ariya a tea:goodtea:... Take it...~
    Glad you like them :3
    Before I tell her name..just to let you know.. SHE'S MINE so hands off :3
    That said, she's Shinonome Nozomu from the eroge Hatsuyuki Sakura

    She's adorable <3
    I see.. i know the artist..
    I'll make it once i done. Still busy with VN project..
    Sorry @.@
    Actually i can't recieve any request, busy with SOTM and VN project --"
    But you can wait til my works done..
    I should ask, what siggy do you want to make?
    What character do you like most?
    What color do you like most?
    And what theme do you like most?
    That's all, reply asap.. therefore i'll make it when my works done ;p
    Thanks for request ~
    Sore wa taihen-na koto da...~ O-dajin-ni Ariya-san~

    TL.: This is bad things...~ Good improvement, wish I for you....~
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