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  • Happy B'day Ushio-chan, I hope that you a nice time in your special day today have; enjoy the day with your beloved family/friends, and with a lot cakes and gifts!!!

    Let's further a another 1000000000 B'days and nice future be!!!
    Ahh... But which direction do you studying? - I mean: For which kind of jod learning you?

    Well, I wish you for the big end a lot luck...:goodtea:
    Hmm... I see... But busier...>_>??? Man, you need more free time after this marathon, where you was shortly...>_>

    And no clue about your future job/task...???
    Happy new year, Ushio-chan!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    hi....... welcome back........ i miss you...... :fullblush: hows lifee.??? i have check your web but cant find you... :sowwy:
    hope everything okayy...
    Hey Snow Angel, I just saw the thread you created. I hope everything is going okay with you, we have never talked before on this forum, but still I hope you are doing well
    Yeah, I know :/ I apparently sent more PMs than I thought. Unfair, I only got 25 D:

    I guess that it could be good sometimes... didn't really understand what you meant with 13 hours a semester instead of 16 :/ I've never taken or thought about summer classes and I don't know if you have the same system as we got. I don't know our system anyways so I guess that it actually doesn't matter xD

    Might check it up sometime. I guess that there's alot more people there than on ASF so it would be good to talk with some of them. I only end up getting used to the people in ASF so I would prefer to find new people now and then.

    Yeah, I guess... I still don't understand how you can have so many activities and still not get stressed. I would get stressed immediatly xD Are you good at playing flute? :3 I suppose that you're right there even though it doesn't feel like that whenever you're supposed to do the stuff you don't like doing :< I hate cleaning, but I can accept it if I get to listen to music at the same time.
    Sorry, didn't know that it was full :/ I send some stuff to Fear, but I didn't know that I sent THAT much :deadsad:

    Summer classes? Do you even go to school during the break? D: I think that it's up to you if you want to continue with the VN project. Even though people might want you to do it they can't force it on you. I got a feeling that you already know that extremely well though.

    I wish you good luck with your future then since I guess that I won't be able to write with you again? Just remember that you got people here who you also can talk to whenever you feel like doing so.

    I've never heard of that but I looked it up a bit. I guess that I can't join you there since it's an app to a specific kind of phone that I don't have. I don't understand how you can avoid getting stressed when you got such a low ammount of time to do whatever you want on :/
    :hi: Hello There! - Feel Free To Accept My FRequest! :cheering:

    How About You Join AS Spammer Unity • You Got Skills!!
    Hey Ushio...! Dunno, if you currently really before the PC/leptop/Tablet are, but I've just notice, that you the ava wear, what I at your bday-thread as presentation picture set have... :goodtea:~>
    Happy Belated Birthday, Bunny. I guess you're a full-fledged adult now? No? Either way, I echo Checkmate's wishes; hope you get wiser and more affectionate.
    I see, well I didn't have any direct links, but thanks for the heads up, I shall refrain from posting other sites!
    Happy Birthday to you SnowAngel, may you grow older and wiser and more beautiful as well (especially, your chest size should get bigger!)
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