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  • I'm away until near the end of April or early May. use email/twitter if you really need me for something.
    pms are off, irc off, vms are open.
    Good day to you! How are you doing? ^^ How's life going on for you? Over here it's kinda the same things every day, except for thursdays :/ It becomes kinda boring after a while... I hope that you got a bit more variation when it comes to your school/life in general :/

    I guess that it also depends on how often I go out after school, but that doesn't happen often even though I like to do it. I miss the feeling of sleeping in a caravan, it was such a good childhood memory and I wouldn't mind doing it again soon! :3

    Oh yeah, we also watched a movie at my school which was about how people act/think ^^ It was actually pretty awesome! It was named "Jag AB" (Swedish) and I don't think that it got English text in it so that's pretty sad :/ But I would've recommended it if it had :runhappy:
    Thank you for the message!

    I'll be back temporarily as I am currently on my Easter break, though I'll still be at home most of the time. =w=

    And thanks for the link. I already have most of the OSTs by Falcom. ^^

    Glad to see you again. It feels great to be back~ :3
    Thank you so much for the uploading so many wonderful OST ED OP thank you for your effort! I really enjoy them!
    Good evening :hi:

    I just wanted to tell you that your "[BubbleGum] gdgd Fairiess Vol.2" thread got one "s" too much (Fairiess instead of Fairies). I don't know if that actually makes a difference, but I wanted to point it out just in case ^^

    Thread: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/anime-osts-41/album-%5Bbubblegum%5D-gdgd-fairiess-vol-2-a-112360/#post791620

    I personally don't care that much, but I don't know if ASL Staff are pointy with it :/ Apparently you also forgot to mention which download that is Flac since you did that in Vol.1.

    I don't mean to offend you with this as some people might think "Do the work yourself then if you're so much better?", but that's not what I mean. You're good at what you do. I just wanted to help you a bit by pointing it out ^^

    MVH Hinode. Take care! :bye: This VM apparently became a novel (the length of it) :/
    Yeah, haha, please don't talk about space. My external hard drive only has 6 GB left, and I'll buy a new one after my finals May/June. I don't know what I should do with the Bluray rip of the Super Gamesong 2012 concert, since the Bluray was released a few days ago -_-
    If you already saw this request, here are some download links for "something" (I think it's music, since it's a TAK file) ... but hehe, you are the expert in lossless formats here ;D If you want, you can upload it, since I only could find TAK files of it ... and I thought I would tell you, maybe you want to upload it :) Otherwise you can just post them in the request thread.

    Never used one of these as an uploader, but I know mirrorcreater as a downloader, since some of my pc-games are uploaded there. It works as an downloader, but like I said, never used it as an uploader :D I'll just wait a day longer or so, maybe it works then, who knows. If not, then I'll use mirrorcreator (probably).
    Got home earlier than I thought and wanted to upload a new album to mirrorupload, but somehow I get the error "No available servers at the moment, try again later" (or so) ... since nearly three hours already. Is it just me with the error or do you have the same problem? :D
    I didn't know that it was different depending on which country you're in :/ Daily surprise information xD
    I realized xD Well, sorry for being useless then :/ I'll still share it if I manage to get my hands on it somehow :/
    Okay, well I got some interest in the Cheer Angel one so I might look around for it. I'm not that good with finding stuff but it's worth a try anyways :/

    EDIT: Hahaha, nvm. I only find places where I can buy the CD from :/ On the other hand, you find stuff that I request so I suppose that you already should've found it unless it's really hard to find (which it apparently is). But if I somehow get my hands on it I'll be more than happy to share it ^^
    A question about the Angel album you made a request for. Is the request only for the Sweet Angel album? Or is it for them all?
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