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  • Yeah, the thing with the Rewrite OST was a little ... coincidence. I thought this OST would be to "popular", therefore I thought it's here already and searched for it... but I could only find the OST of "Rewrite Harvest Festa", that's the reason why I uploaded it then. Then I read your post ... searched again, and then there were 8 pages with hits. Don't know why, maybe I just searched with another words.
    And yeah, it's three or four weeks already :D
    Hm, I think you would be faster with the thread, since you don't have to wait for approval, or am I wrong? ;P But ok, I'll make one ... let's see how long it takes :D
    Maybe I found something for your request about Blazer Drive DS OST ... look on gamemusic.multimedia.cx. There it says you have to use Google Chrome to download and to listen to them, I don't have Chrome :D If you have it, maybe it works :) Also found an offline link ... emphasis on "offline".
    Well I only asked cause u said u gonna do it last night (well it was my last night)
    Hello Ushio!

    I've from Neko a message get, he wanted, that I his report to you (for the whole VN-dev. team) send:
    Hm, so, I uploaded the album and now I would like to edit my post in the request thread ... but it's closed :D
    Explanation? The extended tracks are from the iTunes store (if there is an extended version), and they are mostly in 192k. The "normal" versions are CD rips. And since the CD arrives nearly one to two months after the release, I also buy the extended versions. I'm sharing the CD's with a friend too, therefore we also share the costs. :)

    Anyway, I think this were (nearly) all of my extended albums, since I haven't bought that much of them.
    Ive already told her she was a precious friend to me multiple times... Im not quite sure if she would want me as a bf... But she seems fairly happy with her bf so i dont think i should trouble her >.<
    Well... feelings are also interpretational... if i said that the heart beating quicker was nervousness instead of love then that would sort of change the whole situation... I asked her if she could sing for me a while back and she said yes~ I suppose we could video chat as well~ Im not going to be saying anytime soon anyway...
    I doubt ill be able to meet her anytime soon considering how she lives on the other side of the world :/
    Shes caring and nice... low self esteem... has quite a lot of problems as well... but lovable nonetheless~ I can relate to her somewhat as our personalities are similar~ Though shes changed a bit... i suppose i have too? But we understand each other somewhat due to the similarities... I asked her if i was bothering her but she said i wasnt... then again shes nice so she probably wouldnt say i was... im not really trying to find the meaning of life through her... i just like talking to her~ Though were both... not that great at conversations... and shes more quiet than meh... She does know im sort of relying on her to get out of depression since i told her i was... Well she also has a bf so thats why im trying to find a reason to say that my current love is just... something that came out of my asking her for help...
    Well i suppose it is difficult to explain feelings with rationalization though that it sort of what i attempted to do... I was overthinking everything quite badly... little things that i would normally ignore... well lets just say that vacation gives me lots of time to think about them? Its mostly the fear of losing a friend if i had to say... well shes the reason i even got depressed in the first place... though there may have been other reasons along side which triggered the depression... but for now she is the main reason that the depression is still around... i do believe ive fallen in love with her from how i seem to react when i see her (heart beats a bit quicker when i see her)... but its kind of a really odd situation for falling in love or so i would feel >< i guess im sort of looking for reasons to disprove that im in love as i dont think i should be... at least not with her... it might just be that im also relying on her to help me through the depression? I asked her to help me anyway... she doesnt know that shes the cause but being the cause she can also help the most~ I suppose im looking for confirmation that our friendship still exists? It might have been that our friendship has been... weakening for a while... but i didnt notice because i was busy with school >< Though i do see remnants of our old relationship... This is a purely online relationship also... i havent met her offline nor do i know how she looks... its just that our personalities were similar so we became close friends~
    Well the main reason for the depression was that someone wasnt talking to me... and i didnt really know why >< Im somewhat better now since she did talk to me quite a bit and sort of proved my fears irrational?... The depression really doesnt help with thinking rationally...
    Hmm... actually ive sort of been talking to quite a few people @_@ And im fairly happy for the moment~ Hoping the depression doesnt return... But knowing what triggers it... hmm... dunno if itll stay away for too long...
    Because of your request about Rhapsody of Moonlight ... have you tried this torrent? Should have the OST in it (at least it is listed).
    Better? :P And I don't think that abload.de will change something in the future, since I use it for nearly two years already ... how should I say, one of few german sites which are somehow useful :D
    No one on the world is omniscient ;D I mean, we have enough time to learn everything, but hey, the life would be no fun if that's the case :D
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