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  • Happy B'day Monj, I wish for you a nice day in your special day!!! - Enjoy it with your beloved family/friends the celebration, and enjoy also the cakes/drinks/gifts/etc.!!!:goodtea:
    Hello my dear Monjster~

    Thank you for the message.

    I would love to see your poetic masterpiece.

    You can VM/PM if you want.

    Hope life has been treating you well~
    yeah sure.:fulfilled: though you're offline right now...
    Not to thanking~Not to thanking...~:dead: It was an honor for you this than first requested request to make...:goodtea:

    If there's something you want different, lemme know ^^
    Hope you like it.
    haha xD

    Yea, Hanako's route is smaller compared Emi's route.
    I know, don't go through all of it quickly. One at a time. Just like I did (I practically forgot but whatever :3)
    I finished the 2nd route somewhere..about..2 months ago xD

    Hmm..there are great ones out there but most still need translating.
    But the ones I know of:

    - Little Busters
    - Canvas
    - Rewrite
    - Clannad
    - Shuffle

    But keep in mind that I haven't played any of them. Just read some reviews about them and other people's thoughts and opinion. I do have the games on my computer, so I'll play them eventually.

    Also, Rewrite is HUGE. +50 hours gameplay xD
    Well they both have their reasons of not letting people close. But only difference is that with hanako you find out much sooner why and for Emi it's not that far from the good ending.
    (It's not like I'm defending Emi! :x)

    I actually wanted to go with Lilly first playthrough but I ended up with Hanako due some different choices :3
    OOH, Hanako! I really thought you meant Shizune xD
    Her route was enjoyable I guess but didn't leave much of an impression compared to Hanako or Lilly

    The parts with Misha was fun in Shizune's route. And you'll even get to know a secret about Misha and Shizune :3
    Well that makes me sad ;-;
    Ah well..everyone has their own character they like. That's a plus about having multiple characters.
    Indeed, Hisao is weak sometimes and kinda pushy if you ask me.

    Lilly has a great route. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And even more after Emi's route :3
    Hmm...girl that can't hear and talk? The only one I can think of is Shizune (dark blue hair, glasses and always with Misha). But you already had a good ending with her.. Unless I'm mistaken?
    Well..I'm sure she did mention something like 'when I'm with you I can't concentrate' or something like that. You'll find out why she distances herself that easy from you. I had the same thought initially.

    Kenji is annoying, I mostly skipped his texts.. They didn't add much to the story and where a drag to read -_- There's only one question that matters for a certain girl (don't wanna spoil it :3).

    I'm quite sad I'm done with Katawa Shoujo..Apart from Rin's Route everything else was great. (in my opinion :3)
    Ah..Ok. Yea the blue haired girl (shizune :3) has a short route so it shouldn't be that hard to get a good ending.
    The fast ending.. oh where you end up with none of the girls but that weirdo xD
    I couldn't be bothered with that ending tbh. I don't want bad endings and the bad ending I got in Hanako's route was one too many D:

    And yes, you can end up with Lilly ^^
    I recommend that you go through Lilly's route too. It's such a touching route..
    Hanako's route is quite depressing :deadsad: but of course the good ending makes up for it ^^

    Unfortunately there is no seperate route for Misha. Which made me sad cuz I liked her happy-go-lucky attitude.
    I might go for some of the Neutral Endings but..we'll see.. :3
    Heya !

    Haha I see you've fallen for Shizune :3
    I just finished Emi's route a little while ago and that was the last I'm sad I've gone through all of them.. :deadsad:
    Ended up with one bad ending (Hanako) got the good ending for the other 4 luckily, first try <3
    Favorite to least favorite: Lilly/Emi (I adore both can't decide), Hanako, Shizune and then Rin
    How's your game going?

    And I'll work on that set of yours soon ^^
    Still rather busy and Nanashi's signature request was before yours so..patience ok? :3
    im afraid cant play right now... later maybee.... ahhahha... enjooying the weekend.. but not with GF... ForeverALone.jpg
    I've just Chaos;Head as example said, you don't need to play... But maybe you will in the VN's of Overdrive like, because they're most music oriented VN's.
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