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  • Haven't played Valkyria Chronicles 4 yet but looks fun. I just got Red Dead Redemption 2 , it's fun so far
    Yeah it does, the Japanese DLC is is 3 GB, the English voices are really good though and I prefer playing with the English voices since some of the dialogue in videos and such isn't subtitled.

    No limit on how much you download on PSN.
    Yeah it's similar to Persona 4. Overall Persona 5 is a better game, but I like the main cast from Persona 4 better.

    No the jumping is basically automatic, just press the x button and will automatically take you to the platform.

    They have Rise Kujikawa posters and and billboards in the game. They also mentioned Yukiko on the TV.

    What I like most is that Persona 5 went back to the SMT style where regular enemies are demons/Personas and you have to negotiate with them to join you. I didn't like the random cards in P3 and P4.
    For the plot the MC is convicted of a crime he didn't commit, he is put on probation and expelled from school. He goes to live with a family friend that owns a cafe in a small town.

    You meet your team mates and discover you have a strange app on your phone that allows you to go to the Metaverse, the alternate world where shadows live. In the Metaverve you infiltrate palaces of criminals and steal their treasure to get them to have a change of heart and confess their crimes in the real world.

    Their are 8 palaces in the game, as well as something else called Momentos. Basically Momemtos is the Palace of the general public (society) that is the final Palace.

    When you get to the final palace it is revealed that the final boss took over the Velvet Room and Igor was a fake and the Velvet Twins were originally 1 person but he cut them in two and had them serve him as wardens.

    Oh I see. SMT Apocalypse made some changes for the better. One of them is that it's now a lot easier to navigate the world map. And all quest are much easier to get too with the updated nav points so you might not need one for AMT IV: A. Unless you want a guide that tells where to locate all demons.
    It could be that the PSN Network is down. It's down here today. Can't connect on my Vita or PS4.
    Yes they won't appear until the parents are married, also, even when they are married they still won't appear until Lucina joins your party.
    I usually play as male unit and have chrom marry sumia. Sumia's marriage options are very limited unfurtunately. It's Chrom, Frederick, Gaius, Henry and that's it.

    It all depends on how you want to class her daughter Cynthia. Frederick if you want her to be a knight, or to have higher defense/attack stats. Gauis if you want her to have the option to be a thief, or to pass the Locktouch skill to Cynthia. Henry if you want Cynthia to be a mage, or have higher mage stats for Dark Flier. All depends on what you want for Cynthia.
    The enemies you summon will differ in level/amount depending on where you summon them. Early stages have weaker enemies, new stages have stronger enemies. So use the reeking box in one of the earlier stages.

    For me I used DLC maps for most of my grinding.
    Hmm I'm not sure I have never downloaded online save data.

    When your 3DS is unlocked you can download any game from any region for free so I though that's what you meant.

    I think the question mark means the 3DS isn't connected to the Internet.
    Hmm I'm not sure. I only transfer save data to my laptop to back it up. Are you trying to download save data and install in on your 3DS?

    Is your 3DS unlocked to download any game?
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