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  • Hi everyone,

    I greatly apologise for the inconveniences but I've yet again have issues with my Internet connectivity in my area. I am finally getting technicians in my area to try and fix things so I can maintain a stable connection.

    I am very sorry for the missed messages and unread notifications.
    Hi everybody, I've finally have stable Internet and fixed my computer issues. I will gradually get back to fully updating the index threads and returning to regular moderation. Apologies for any inconvenience caused!
    * Currently facing Internet and computer issues. Apologies in the delay of moderation. I am still trying to get things fixed so I won't be as fast as normal. *
    Hello. There seem to be two threads, 1] This and 2] This. These seem to be the requests to the same stuff. Regards, _ mrd
    Hello, MilkyBarKid. Your images are not shown this day (and wiill be possibly not shown in future). Images posted by Ami are not shown as well. Instead the following image is shown:
    You (and Ami and other several people) seem to use the following url: "ht tps://"
    This seems to be against the terms of service of Cloudfrare ( ).
    I do not know the details. But your images are not shown. Regards. _mrd
    Hello. As to "Voices of the Sea - Mini Artbook", it had been requested in the request forum. I first knew Zeive Inc. and their works from this request. As to "Shuugyou ryokou" bl stuff, I think it had been posted on the Aarinfantasy in about 2011 or so. The synopsis in vndb seems to be a copy of that possibly written in Aarin. The game seems to be very complicated. _mrd
    I just saw your purple name! Congratulations! Thanks for all you have done and what you continue to do.
    I wasn't online here for 2 days or I would've noticed sooner ..
    I went to reply on your comment in MRC thread and that's when I saw.

    You always look out for us all here.. So thank you! I'm happy for you! :nyanmusu_goodluck:
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