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    Thank you so much for your hard work and contributions to the community!
    Hi! I'm not active in forum actually, but It Is my pleasure to be your friend!
    I really hope that we can get to know each other better:)
    lol what's with that cute reaction (笑笑) also good work again today, :)
    hey Ami! :) just wanted to congratulate you for officially becoming an uploader, :megane_present: thank you for your efforts by providing us with new games, you're amazing. :nekopara_pleased:
    Ami-chan, how´ve you been?:rr_hi:
    Uni started again and I´m really stressed right now bc of all the subjects T_T! Haven´t been able to properly play a game, but I´m watching a bit anime!
    Did I already ask who is your favorite seiyuu:rr_evil: ?
    Oh no T_T! - hugs Ami-chan and wraps her in a blanket -

    Saaaameeeee :boys2_ice: !! Staying at home while it´s super rainy and stormy outside is so comfy !
    I just googled Tsukipara it looks so good..all dem ikemen I have to be careful not to drool XDDD! Only been listening to a few songs! WHo is your favorite guy Ami-chan?
    Ohayo Ami-chan :alice_waai: !

    My, being too hot is also no good! If Ami-chan could choose between being super hot or super cold, which one would Ami-chan prefer?
    I´m born in winter, so I´m no good with hot summers T_T!
    Try freezing a bottle of water and wrapping it in a towle, then hugging it! That helps a lot if it´s too hot :rr_love: !

    The Musynx video is so cool omg!! I love vocaloid songs and this rythm game looks super nice, maybe I´ll try this next!! Never played rythm games hehe so thanks for the reccomendation <33 The second video..pressing all those buttons with that kind of speed is amazing !!!!!! I can see why it´s addicting <3 !!
    Ami-chan :rr_hug: ! I´m fine, but it´s been so cold, stormy and rainy here the last few days that it feels kinda depressing!
    How are you?
    No worries, I often get absorbed in games and stuff and then neglect messages so I often worry about people getting mad at me T_T! So you don´t have to worry hehe! I´m always happy to talk to Ami-chan <3!
    Ohmy ohmy, soo Ami-chan also likes shonen-ai and stuff like that :rr_evil: ? I´m so happy hehe !!
    Ami-chan, Ami-chan! I´m sorry for the late reply, been trying to clear all character´s routes in Yunohana Spring and succeeded hehe~
    How´ve you been the past few days?
    I see! The first episode of Taishou x Alice! I´m planning on reading as well later, so we can def talk about it if you want :rr_ok:
    Omg thank you so so much for the recommendation, then I´ll def watch Hwarang bc I loved Scarlet Heart!
    Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji looks gorgeous! Been checking it real quick on baka updates for story, I´ll add it to my plan-to-read list ~
    Concerning Devils and Realists, does Ami-chan feel like it´s shonen-ai? At least between Dantalion and William!
    Ohmyyy, thanks for teaching me T_T!! - hugs -
    Alright hehe, let me know when you´ve finished Banana Fish, also if you wanna talk about any episode you just watched I´m here to listen Ami-chan :lapi_carrot: ! After all this anime tugs on your heartstrings T_T!
    Glad to hear that, which episode are you planning to play? I once started a bit of episode I with the tsundere Akazukin aka Tomoaki Maeno XD!
    I watched Uncontrollably Fond and Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Thanks so much for the recommendations!
    Atm I´m watching an chilhood friends drama called Bubblegum! After I finish this I´ll def check thm out!

    The manhua is so sweet :rr_grin: ! What does Ami-chan read at the moment? I´m reading Karneval!

    Waaaa :rr_yay: ! So is the anime as good as the manga?

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD ME TOO!!!! What do you think about Banana Fish, especially the ending? I still have to watch the last two episodes of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi ! My fav is Gin I think!

    Ami-chan, did you also hear : they localized Taisho x Alice and I read everywhere that they destroyed the game like that -> shitty translation + new seiyuu :dontleave: But the original game has super high ratings!

    I also listen to B.A.P.! And BTS, but I prefer japanese music over k-pop hehe ~
    At the moment I´m looking for Kdrama, till now I only watched .. two xD So we´re the same hehe
    I see! So you can watch anime without waiting for the next episode Ami-chan, which is really cool! I can´t wait and always watch the newest ones, currently Kaguya-sama Love is War, Fukigenna Mononokean Tsuzuri, My Roommate is a cat, Dororo, Mob Psycho 100 II and so on xD!
    Still have to finish Fate Apocrypha tho :lapi_oh:
    Does Ami-chan watch K-Drama?

    Omg thanks so much Ami-chan :rr_hold: ! My fav till now is Yomi hehe!
    Ami-chan thanks so much for sharing Meiji Tokyo Renka :rr_hug: !
    I´ve been watching the anime and been curious about the routes!Especially Shunsou/Syunso? and Kyoka! Does Ami-chan watch anime too?
    Same here, console games are just more convenient :rr_grin:
    My that would be wonderful! But only if you have time!
    Yes, bc I can´t find a version for the vita :lapi_laptop: !
    Do you prefer gaming on pc or handheld console games Ami-chan?
    I see! At least the happy endings are happy! Yesterday I completed Yomi´s route from Ayakashi Gohan!
    It´s been a long time since I played a pc game since I always play vita games !

    Wishing Ami-chan a nice enjoyable day :lapi_music: !
    Thanks I hope so too :lapi_hide: !
    Then are the happy endings better or at least "happy" :lapi_confused: ?
    Wow wow wow thank you for inserting the bgs in the message the backgrounds are def super pretty :lapi_happy: !!
    I want to play Amnesia Later and Crowd after I finish Yunoha and Ayakashi Gohan, so many games, so little time hehe ~
    Hope Ami-chan will enjoy all the games too <3 !!

    Lots of love :lapi_love:
    Happy that you´re doing fine Ami-chan :lapi_happy: !
    I´m fine too bc my last exam was on thursday! Thanks for wishing me good luck btw I think it helped hehe ~
    How is Bara ni Kakusareshi? I heard really good stuff about it! But I hesitated bc of the art style which is no good reason I know xD!
    At the moment I´m playing Yunohana Spring (it´s really funny and one guy reminds you of Kent from Amnesia ) :lapi_music:, also I do play Ayakashi Gohan!
    And well I´m still stuck at psychedelica of the black butterfly!

    The fate series is so sooo good, I only watched the anime tho! :lapi_hide:
    Hi, Ami-chan! I'm not very active in the forum, but I'm sure we'll get along! :nyanmusu_cheer:

    And thanks again for upload Koroshiya to Strawberry, you have my eternal gratitude!
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