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  • I guess it was made for phones so should run on the switch too (-_-) The phone version is definitely not so great...~ Like the fact that it was made for the phone is actively making the other versions worse by forcing simple functions onto them... the game auto target instead of allowing us to lock on to targets... *grumbles about characters ulting a rock instead of enemies* :kurochan_tantrum:

    Just add some pew pews and suddenly contra :kurochan_yandere:
    The last two characters were guys though :alice_sigh: We havent had a new small character in a while xD

    Uhh... well... undertale would be fun though its probably going to be a metroidvania like hollow knight :rr_evil:
    Hmm... guess there are some loli characters in genshin yeah... havent heard of that issue myself but I can see how it could be an issue :alice_hide:

    The idea is more of a 2D action adventure platformer atm :alice_sorry: Not quite an otome game...~
    W-wha? Where did you get that idea? There are non-lolis in the game too :alice_shock:

    Not sure if it is more than a hobby but making games is fun~ :alice_waai:
    Lol, not really the reason :akazukin_tehee: Its more of... I put the AS tab really far from the rest of the other stuff so its a bit hard to get to now xD Usually poke here during opening and ending of animu episodes... but I havent been watching that much animu lately :akazukin_down:
    I have been summoned! ...Ignore the fact that it's been 2 years.

    I hope you're doing fine as well and miss you too! <3
    Heh xD I guess it is..~

    Uhh.... well... that is... :akazukin_tehee::akazukin_dash:

    Hmm.. went and got dragged into games now @_@ Dark souls 3 is very time consuming :akazukin_dead:

    I read cake for some reason xD Maybe we can have a cake cage :akazukin_pfft:

    Im sure it can :kurochan_thumb: Minds are interesting things~

    Heh... I have to finish a big project in two months :kurochan_dead:
    Ah yes, the uni level. Tough bosses there but once you know the mechanics it'll be a breeze!
    Wah its a ghost :akazukin_shock:

    *jumps from scary person and flails because I cant see*

    Heh... Ive been dragged into the world of anime so Im not sure if I can even save myself :alice_orz:

    Running around inside a cage? :miku_wut:

    I was bored :kurochan_tsk:

    All the time? :nekopara_confused:
    Too cute! :nekopara_blush:

    Good to hear you're keeping up with your grades, especially with all the distractions with being new (somewhat new). Awww, guys (boys)...with all the girls sometimes they don't think clearly or they are but not really (if that makes sense?).

    I'm terrible at logging in, just send me a message if you want to chat.
    If he gets locked up then he isnt really running around :miku_tehee:

    I think that you think that I am a lot wealthier than I think I am :kurochan_sweat:

    Its fine..~ Weve mostly just been enjoying our time here anyway :rr_gotcha:
    I felt bad for missing your birthday. Yeah, everyone has their own life, but it's nice to know that you're remembered on this special day. :alice_happy:

    How's uni? Did I read you had finals? How did you do? Have made many friends (girlfriends/boyfriends :whistle:)? I'm sure you have...you seem to be a great friend to have.

    I'm doing great! Enjoying the summer fog. Take care, and keep in touch!
    Happy belated birthday!

    Sorry I missed it. I hope you had a wonderful day.
    Here's a strawberry cake for you!

    They cant have a real pirate running around on the ship :alice_sorry:

    Not really~ I just have a mess of bills in my pocket :alice_blink:

    More of a sad thing...~
    Thank you. I'm late but I pray that it will be only a good year.ヽ(*´∀`)ノ
    He was walking around with a plastic sword :akazukin_sweat:

    I dont have a wallet :kurochan_thumb:

    Well... it isnt really for the purposes of vacation though...
    Nope~ There was a guy dressed as a pirate but not Jack Sparrow :akazukin_down:

    Its fun to try new things~ Though there are quite a few cuisines to try around home as well :alice_glitter:

    Also seems Im going on an unplanned trip to hong kong soon...
    I'm scared of many things imouto, I'm scared of not being able to see you again, I don't how my life will change, but I'm sure we'll be forever sisters, and best friends
    Thank you so much T____T I missed you so much, I cried some days because you weren't here, my dear friend...my sister!
    I thought something happened while you were gone and didn't talk with me after I mentioned you T___T
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